ODA efficiently has planned ways out to convert a decaying parking structure into a beautiful public park and class A office buildings. The structure and premises will serve to be the new point of connectivity in the city and a new civic space being located in between the racecourse and the popular Park “El Rosedal de Palermo”. Paseo Gigena is ODA’s First large-scale mixed-used project in Buenos Aires. The idea is to create a 40,000 ft.² green walkway forming a landscaped roof on either side of the building with also redesigning the place to be replaced with offices, cafes, restaurants, retail spaces, an open-air promenade, and 250 parking spaces.

The Paseo Gigena, is a mixed-use project designed by ODA, an American architecture office, with Aisenson Studio, Inscape landscape, and Coinsa, as part of the team. Developers of the property RBSD investments. Concession for 15 years has been granted by the government to Ambito Gigena. Alvaro Garcia Resta, the architect, urban planner, and secretary of urban development of the government of the city Buenos Aires explains in the context of the project at the old abandoned concrete structure infrastructure has no meaningful Ness to the surrounding or the city or its inhabitants. For this very reason, they aim to re-link the area and also transform the three-story structure into a multipurpose development.

Old Parking Lot into Mixed-Use Project and Public Park in Buenos Aires transformed by ODA - Sheet1
Paseo Gigena, ODA’s First large-scale mixed-used project in Buenos Aires. Image Courtesy: ODA

The intent is to unite the community that was earlier separated by the past architecture and content of the plot. The site context can be utilized economically, being situated on the edge of the active park. The rooftop acts as an extension of the public park, the loop swings up from the side of the building to the roof and flowing down to the other side of the structure and merging back to the park. The spark loop will be complemented by a commercial brewery along with a private terrace is for office tenants. This unification through nature positions the project as a key juxtaposition of the public and private sectors. The elevational glass treatment by ODA seamlessly blends the built form with its surrounding by acting as a mirror to the greens and blues of the skies. Eran Chan, founder of ODA says, “This project is a great example of the private sector working with the government to create a truly unique typology that will benefit the city and its citizens for decades to come.”

Old Parking Lot into Mixed-Use Project and Public Park in Buenos Aires transformed by ODA - Sheet2
The Park Loop Image Courtesy: ODA

Sustainable Reuse by ODA

ODE to design a dynamic area to stroll and explore will make this project a game-changer for the neighborhood. Though, Paseo Gigena, Isn’t the first adaptive reuse project in Buenos Aires. Several successful projects in the city have adaptive reuse as their base. Designs like those of, The Buenos Aires Designs, a shopping center, and The Exhibitions and Convention Centre, with its green roof and similar architectural features schools to cope/unify with their surroundings to serve the public. The sustainable design by ODA for the multiuse project recycles 80% of the original structure to create a 1,60,000 ft.² of the new building. Sustainability is achieved through accommodating 40,000 ft.² of public green terraces and open green spaces with pedestrian paths and facilities of 250 car parking. The tenant value is perked with work and meeting places offering 360° views and easy access to the main highway. Making that please easily commutable, desirable, and also legible to the masses. The landscape Class A office building along with being a new icon for the city will also be exemplary reuse Architecture by ODA.

Old Parking Lot into Mixed-Use Project and Public Park in Buenos Aires transformed by ODA - Sheet3
Sustainable Reuse Architecture by ODA, responding to the site context. Image Courtesy: ODA

The construction of the new Paseo was scheduled to begin in September and is expected to be completed in December 2022. The demolition is partial as few parts of the old construction are planned to be preserved by ODA, the process has started in June.

About The Construction

The total area of the property is 12,406 m². There will be several commercial premises of which mostly will be on the first level, only one will be located on the second level. The second floor will have privileged views of the Hippodrome of Palermo. A major section of the future property around 3000 m², will be utilized for office spaces, which can be rented from 500 m² onwards. The premises and the building spaces will be equipped with everything necessary for work and will also have the flexibility for occupants to add more surface area if required. The public pedestrian pathways, usable public green spaces, and the green as an area of about 7801 m² approximately. The people may enjoy the commercial promenade terrace green roof according to the building regulations.

Old Parking Lot into Mixed-Use Project and Public Park in Buenos Aires transformed by ODA - Sheet4
Paseo Gigena Image Courtesy: ODA


Playa Gigena, Is the name of an old building constructed between the hippodrome and the Rosedale De Palermo, named after the equestrian who once occupied the place. In 2002, the land was part of the Tres de Febrero Park And was given to the Hippodrome Argentino de Palermo (HAPSA), When it took over operations. In 2007, Jorge Telerman, the then head of the city government, handed it over to them for five years. But, Mauricio Macri, shortly after assuming the same authority repealed the power for some irregularities in the functioning. In 2019, a law was passed that change the zoning of the plot and give it to the private investors with the development of green spaces, commercial and sports facilities on the land.

Promenade Terrace green roof Source: https://www.coinsa.com.ar/proyecto-ambito-gigena/

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