Sir Terence Conran founded the Design Museum to raise awareness regarding design in education, industry, commerce and culture. Thirty decades later, it continues to promote design in all ways possible, making the impact of design visible to all.

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The Design Museum is committed to contemporary design in every form, such as Architecture, fashion, Graphics, Products and Industrial Design. Sir Terence Conran founded the Design Museum in 1989. The museum holds prime importance, bringing together the design industry, education and the public to change the narrative of how people think about themselves and the future. It was awarded the European Museum of the year in 2018. After relocation in 2016 in Kensington, it has welcomed over 2 Million visitors. It hosts various events and exhibitions witnessed by design enthusiasts from all walks of Life. It also possesses collections and interests in publishing, learning and digital Programmes, which everyone can experience and reflect upon the impact of design.

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The museum’s core values are collaborative, welcoming, enterprising and forward-looking. It is their vision to witness a world where everyone values design and to make design’s impact visible to all as their purpose. They aim to build public awareness by connecting design with people’s lives and passions. Strong Beliefs such as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are among the commitments.

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The prize recognises and encourages creative designers in the field of product design with the Saltzman foundation. What is the buzz about Saltzman? Who is Ralph Saltzman? 

He is from the Bronx and graduated from New York University. Mr Saltzman lends credit to his family for the success of Designtex. He mentions, “My wife typed sample cards describing the fabric, and his mother, grandmother, and sister stapled sample tickets at the Kitchen Counter.”

Saltzman had an eye for design and exceptional enthusiasm for textile manufacturing that benefited Designtex and set it up. He co-founded Designtex with Harry Paley, an NYU alumnus in 1961. Together their first product was a flame-retardant drapery knit known as Varel for the Seagram Building on Fifth Avenue. Saltzman and Paley engaged in conversations with architects and designers and extended their business with a diverse line of Products.

Ralph Saltzman had an immense love for the Design industry. He loved all the people associated with Designtex, not only them but the architects, designers, Sales reps and more. He was always generous with his advice and time to everyone; he is remembered for his faithful impact on the lives of hundreds of people and for benefitting the design community.

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Designtex is a leading design company interested in manufacturing applied materials for the built form. They are known for their rigorous research and output approach for developing textiles and wall panelling, which have a less environmental impact. 

He is a President and co-founder of Designtex; He has set an innovation legacy of 60 years by inculcating a collaborative spirit by him. He was curious and enthusiastic, and this is visible in the innovative spirit he possessed in the company. Designtex developed a line of sustainable textiles in partnership with William McDonough, and chemist Michael Braungart won First Prize at the Design Museum in 2000. International Design Sense competition    

An overview of The Ralph Saltzman Prize - Sheet
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Lisa Saltzman has curated this price for the Saltzman Family Foundation; The Ralph Saltzman Prize acts as a medium to uplift new talent and foster the upcoming vibrant design sector. Every recurring year robust design jury members handpick the outstanding emerging designers who are making fame in product design.

Lisa Saltzman also explains in an interview why this award is important for aspiring designers. Where she goes on to tell that she created this prize to honour his father’s legacy, for he was a pioneer with a keen eye, an innovator with excellent taste and his thoughts tend to be outside the box. For she believes The Ralph Saltzman Prize is a way to give young designers opportunities, an honour and a show. and also believes it’s an excellent way to do justice to her father’s legacy.

Lisa’s father has influenced her design thinking immensely. Witnessing her father’s love towards design lasted an impression on her life. Her father had a profound influence on her. He had a keen eye, he had an eye for tremendous observations and a great taste in design aesthetics.

Lisa also believes that Design is at the core of our day-to-day life and design can enhance user experience and helps in solving problems. These were the driving forces for Lisa Saltzman in establishing The Ralph Saltzman Prize.

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The Design Museum believes in lending support to the upcoming designers & is enthusiastic about working with the Saltzman Family Foundation to make this award a Success. This Prize is awarded to Product designers working on Products, furniture, textiles, or technology. The term emerging is mentioned here specifically for those practising designers within five years of graduation or five years in business.

Only those setting a benchmark are finalised through innovation, sustainability or cultural re-evaluation.

The Winner of the Ralph Saltzman Prize 2022 was Mac Collins – a product and furniture designer, and Designer Marco Campardo has been selected as the winner of Ralph Saltzman Prize 2023. 

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Mac Collins_Disegno
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