With access to many technology devices, the world of video games has reached a peak in recent years. Right from kids to adults, all get hooked to their smartphones playing a trending video game. Video gaming has become a viable career option for many similar to various new career pathways popping up with the extensive use of social media platforms. Ever wondered what goes behind bringing such games to reality?

Top 10 colleges for pursuing Master's degree in Video Game Design - Sheet1
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A passionate team of individuals or video game designers work relentlessly to provide a masterpiece that people like you and me can indulge themselves in. Video game design may sound easy and fun at once but is indeed meticulous and skilled work. There are colleges, institutions, and universities all over the world providing professional courses and degrees in video game design. The courses range from short to certificate to bachelor’s and even master’s degrees. If you have already completed any of these until the bachelor’s level and are looking for an upskill, stay tuned as we present to you a list of 10 colleges offering a Master’s Degree in video game design.

1. Master of Design Technology, Victoria University

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Course Duration: 12 months (3 trimesters)
Website: https://wellingtonict.ac.nz/programmes/master-of-design-technology/

The course is designed for those who have attained a similar undergraduate degree or education in the fields of digital design technologies like VFX and gaming design and are proficient in the use of software such as but not limited to Maya, Houdini, Zbrush, etc. 

The application process requires candidates to submit samples of work using a time-based 3d software package. The applications are judged based on the proficiency of 3d software use and powerful storytelling. Domestic as well as international candidates are accepted.

The course contains many core and elective subjects that prepare its students to deliver powerful performances in the fields of filmmaking, game design, storytelling, animation, and related fields. The course also offers a very hands-on approach with a strong industry connection preparing students for landing roles in leading companies after finishing studies.

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2. Masters in Game and Media Technology, Utrecht University

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: https://www.uu.nl/masters/en/game-and-media-technology

The course focuses on gaming and multimedia technologies from a computer science perspective. The program delves into topics of drama, style, and emotions from a very technical perspective.

The application process for dutch and non-dutch students differs slightly, but the generic selection criteria include candidates having completed a bachelor in computer science, having strong logic skills, and being competent in computer programming coding languages like java, c++, and so on. High-level proficiency in the English language is also required.

The objective of the course is to provide a foundation of research, analytical and technical skills for solving problems and testing new games as well as software in the market.           

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3. Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity, RMIT University

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: https://www.rmit.edu.au/

The course focuses on narrative, interactive and visual skill development in the field of game design. It provides an all-rounded approach towards building up students’ directorial skills throughout the duration of the course.

The application process includes submission of a pre-selection kit and a subsequent interview if selected for candidates who have completed a similar or equivalent bachelor’s degree or have a specific work experience. The pre-selection kit involves questions like your reason for applying to the course and preferred major study topic for an individual project during the course duration along with a folio of work.

The course trains students in the basic/ core skills required to sustain and excel in the animation and gaming industry. It provides the students with a foundation to adapt to the constantly changing nature of the fields.

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RMIT Gaming and Animation design studios_ ©https://www.rmit.edu.au/

4. Master of Game Design, Universal Arts School

Location: LA, California | Valencia, Spain
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: https://ua.school/master_game_design/master/

The course focuses on concept design, methods, techniques of making a game work, It prepares students to be the architects of a game and take responsibility right from the inception to its production and launch phases.

The application process includes submission of information related to your citizenship, previous education, software knowledge among other usual things. The school also helps overseas students with accommodation facilities at cheaper rates.

The course trains students to analyze and deconstruct the games they have played before and use the knowledge in creating their own prototypes for environments that could be used in developing new games.

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Study filmmaking and video game design at UAS_©https://magazine.artstation.com/

5. MSC Game Enterprise, Production and Design, Birmingham University

Location: Birmingham, England
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: www.bcu.ac.uk

The course runs in collaboration with some popular names in the world of technology and gaming like Sony and provides students with a simulated office environment while working on real-world projects.

The essential requirements include a passion for games, a business mindset, a positive attitude, and some knowledge of how games are designed. It is preferred if candidates have a previous degree, experience in coding and game design.

The course mentors students through industry partnerships and prepares them not only for game design but also for the business side of things. The real benefit from the course would be an opportunity to work at any of their partner companies or getting equipped to start your own business.

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Study game design at Birmingham University city campus_ ©https://www.bcu.ac.uk/

6. MDes Digital Game Design, NID

Location: Bangalore, India
Course Duration: 2.5 years
Website: https://www.nid.edu/institute/

The course is offered along with many other design fields like information design, industrial design, universal design, and so on.

The essential requirements include passing the design aptitude test and the subsequent interview if selected. The age limit for application is 30 years. The candidates are required to complete a minimum of 4 years of bachelor’s study or equivalent diploma. Some seats are reserved for overseas applicants as well.

The course mentors students through hands-on gaming design experience and creates a strong foundation for setting their foot in the industry.

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National Institute of Design campus_©https://english.mathrubhumi.com/

7. Masters Degree, Game Technology, ICAT Design, and Media College

Location: Chennai, India
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: https://www.icat.ac.in/msc-game-technology

The course focuses on providing students knowledge in every facet of the gaming industry from game design to development to management and so on.

The eligibility criteria prefer students with engineering backgrounds having handled computer programs like java, c++, etc. Students with no physics or mathematics background throughout their Hsc and Graduation studies need to pass an aptitude test.

The course mentors students through self-exploration, guidance from industry professionals, peer assessment among other things. It prepares students to take up opportunities like a game designer, game developer, 3d artist, concept artist, etc.

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Student works at ICAT ©https://www.icat.ac.in/

8. Master of Fine Arts (Game Design), Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Location: New York, USA
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: https://gamecenter.nyu.edu/academics/

The course focuses on game design, development, history, coding, and visuals but also offers a flexible structure enabling students to choose their own path. It also includes a thesis submission towards the end of the course.

The eligibility criteria are pretty much open for literally anyone with a passion for games and a unique point of view regarding why they want to pursue game design. This criterion makes the cohorts immensely diverse and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration.

The NYU game center provides a unique platform for individual growth and development by fostering connections, industry relationships, mentoring, and so on.

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The spring show exhibiting works from graduating students   ©https://gamecenter.nyu.edu/

9. MS Game Design and Development, Rochester Institute of Technology

Location: New York, USA
Course Duration: 2 years
Website: gamecenter.nyu.edu/academics/game-design-mfa

The course focuses on game design and development through computer graphics, simulation, game environment design, interactive narration among few other modules. A capstone final year unit requires students to work individually and in teams to create software and game platforms that are exhibited publicly.

The eligibility criteria mention a requirement of a US equivalent bachelor’s degree in IT, Customer science, or related fields, portfolio submission, and a graduate application form. Students are expected to know coding languages such as c++ and Java.

The institute offers a range of activities for embedding students in the industry as game designers, concept designers, game developers, etc.

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‘The Camera That Bleeds,’ a video game created by RIT students, won the Most Innovative award at the 2021 Intel University Games Showcase.   ©https://www.rit.edu/

10. Master of Information Technology, Deakin University

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Course Duration: 1, 1.5, 2 years
Website: www.deakin.edu.au/course/master-information-technology

The course focuses on making students capable of providing all-rounded IT professional services in Australia and worldwide. The course offered over a period of trimesters gives hands-on experience over a range of modern technologies, coding languages, and software. 

The eligibility criteria include a relevant bachelor’s degree and in some cases a minimum of 2 years of experience. The one-year course offered accepts diploma-level qualifications with a proven academic record.

The institute offers a range of activities for embedding students in the industry as game designers, app designers and developers, game developers, software technologists, and so on.

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One of the top universities in Australia  ©https://www.topuniversities.com/

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