Social media marketing presents an enormous opportunity everywhere for people to market to billions of people with “connection, interaction, and customer data” (Hayes, 2023). Hayes explained this approach generally reaches a larger audience. Moreso, a large social media company, TikTok, has reached a larger audience with some explanation about marketing (D’Souze, 2023). But what about architects? Easy Render (n.d) is concerned about the marketing strategies of some architects who are poor at marketing strategies. Thus, Architects must identify the problems and solutions for architects to make architectural services more feasible with effective marketing strategies .

Architects’ Poor Marketing

The best way to provide better marketing strategies is to have architects identify the problems of their strategies. First, thinking they are unique is not a great path to select, but it can become a great marketing strategy if implementing their uniqueness into action (Easy Render, no date). Two, they are not seeing the trends and the competitiveness of architecture now available online along with the traditional belief (ibid.). Third, they need to hone computer skills especially older generations, where it is best to follow the trend (ibid). Fourth, they focus on themselves, not the clients, as well as being lazy, not networking, and not doing 3D visualization (ibid). That is not being adaptable to what clients’ want. Lastly, they have little understanding of marketing (ibid). However, some strategies can hone architects to have the ability to master the basics of marketing strategies, as will explain in the next paragraph (ibid).

Architects’ Basic Marketing Strategies

There are marketing strategies that architects can take to care of what the clients want (Fischer, no date). There is a list of crucial concepts for architects to consider: Target Audience/Market, Marketing Channel, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Client Journey, Top of Funnel, Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Business Development Qualified Lead (BDQL), Conversion Rates, Account Based Marketing, Lifetime Value (LTV), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Client Acquisition Cost (CAC), & Payback Period (ibid). There are top things architects to take effective marketing strategies to consider. The first is the client demand pyramid is to meet what the clients want in most of the idea gatherings by the architects, then specific advice and hiring the architect (ibid. Figure 1). That is to convince them at the right time and environment (ibid). The second marketing strategy is social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing to make wide varieties for clients to have more access to them in various ways (ibid).

The third marketing strategy is to have Search Engineer Optimization (SEO) for clients to see what is on the internet with keywords (ibid). Otherwise, the websites and other internet sources would become lost. Lastly, architectural proposals cannot be overlooked by architects for more clients to become convinced rather than not seeing no proposals for clients if they meet the architects the first time (ibid). There are other strategies to consider: the 4 Ps(position, process, professionals, and portfolio) of Marketing for Architects, Lead Generation Services, expanding their websites, public speaking, developing elevator pitches, getting themselves published, creating newsletters, considering old and new leads, and adopt new technologies. The exhaustive list of marketing strategies and concepts can help architects to optimize the tools for architects to take the next step of the platform (ibid.).   

Marketing strategies for architects to reach a larger audience
The Client Demand Pyramid (Business of Architecture, no date, 1_The Client Demand Pyramid_ ©Business of Architecture).

Architects’ Social Media Strategies

Lastly, architects need to know the most important platform, the Social Media Marketing Strategies (ArchEyes, 2022 & Urdesign, 2021). The first thing is to have some ideas on social media marking (Urbdesign, 2021). Leveraging viral trends can help to know the situation for architects. The second is to use relevant hashtags to trends and relationships to architectural works (ibid.). The third is to conduct architectural competitions on social media to showcase in action for architectural firms to have lots of engagement (ibid). Fourth is to publish “before’ and “after” for people to see the results of new designs (ibid). First, to showcase the whole team, the people, and the brand identity to show who they are 9ibid). Lastly, architects must take responsibility concerning opinion polls, promoting businesses and motivating and inspiring followers for democracy and economic strength in marketing strategies.

The second thing to discuss is the type of social media architects should consider (ArchEyes, 2022). First, architects should use Instagram as the most crucial marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and ads to feature videos, pics, and live streams to showcase their business (ibid.). Second, TitTok is to spread reputation, brand awareness, and different audiences throughout the globe (ibid.). Third, Pinterest can increase collaboration among the crowds like their clients and inspire architects to have new ideas in trends (ibid.). Lastly, LinkedIn can show their reputation further in the professional world and impose more connections to other architects (ibid.). The social media to choose from is to utilize projects and create beautiful designs throughout social media (ibid.). Architects must consider marketing strategies and platforms to continue onto the future of architecture.

Overall Solutions to Architects’ Marketing Strategies

The architects must identify the problems and solutions to the marketing strategies to become capable future architects. First, they must review poor marketing strategies plaguing them in the architectural world. Two, they must identify the marketing strategies to build and focus on them. Lastly, they must utilize social media platforms and marketing strategies to move onto the trends. Architects must resolve any situations quickly to become relevant and enabling in society in the competitive world. That is the lesson for architects to avoid the tragedy of becoming irrelevant.


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