DLR Group – Architects in Dubai

DLR Group’s story dates back to April 1, 1966, when Architects Irv Dana and Bill Larson, alongside engineer Jim Roubal, embarked on a groundbreaking journey. From a modest 12-by-12-foot basement space at 102nd and Wright in Omaha, their eponymous firm was born. This integrated practice was built upon shared ideals of quality, fairness, professional growth, and ownership—a legacy that resonates through our core values today.

Cultural Fabric: Collaboration and Opportunity

At DLR Group, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our culture. We incentivize and nurture a culture that thrives on the power of collective thinking. Our decisions are not just about our success but also about enhancing the success of our clients and partners. This philosophy permeates every project, ensuring that each endeavor embodies our commitment to excellence and teamwork.

Comprehensive Services for Varied Needs

Our integrated design approach spans a comprehensive array of services, including Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Interiors, Landscape, Preservation, and Sustainable Consulting. This multifaceted offering allows us to cater to diverse project types, ranging from educational and residential to museums, renovations, and expansive campuses.

Global Footprint, Local Impact

DLR Group’s presence isn’t confined to a single location; our built projects span the United States, Dubai, and China. This global footprint enables us to bring diverse perspectives and cultural insights to every project, fostering a rich tapestry of design solutions that resonate with local contexts while embracing global best practices.

Driving Forces: Shared Values and Commitment

Our journey has been steered by shared values—quality, fairness, opportunity, and ownership. These principles are embedded in our DNA and continue to guide our approach, ensuring that every decision and action reflects our commitment to excellence and ethical conduct.

Conclusion: Building the Future Together

DLR Group’s legacy is one of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings to a global presence, our firm has consistently evolved while staying true to our founding values. Through a collaborative approach and a diverse range of services, we remain committed to shaping the built environment and creating spaces that inspire, engage, and endure.


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