Moving Architecture is for a national catastrophe response team. After devastating  flooding, fires, earth quakes, hurricanes, mud slides and hail storms a team from the insurance companies go into these area to assess and help the their clients put the pieces back together after the first responders.  The automobile coverage side is just one part of the insurance company’s responsibility to repair and fix the cars and trucks that are damaged in these storms for their customers.  The frequency of storms has made responding a year round operation nationwide.  This design is to replace the current set up of large festival staked type tents in parking lots in storm path areas.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Pop-Ups and Temporary (Concept)

Architect: Berna Architects and Design
Team Members: Greg Berna
Country: United States

Moving Architecture provides a better working environment for the insurance company staff and clients to evaluate car and truck storm damage.  The vehicles need to be dry and undercover when evaluated for quick accuracy.  The architecture is made of solid hard walls, floors, doors, windows, ramps, walks and roofs.  This new architecture system is easy to erect and move. Designed to not  use stakes, drilling, hand tools, ladders, cranes, heavy equipment, or large crews to install the structure on-site.

The structure folds into a standard size panel for easy loading and storing.  Structure is weather resistant from wind, rain, snow, hail, and heat.  The units meet building codes and are ballasted to meet uplift requirements.  This design is strong, weather-tight and flexible to meet electrical power, ventilation, solar power, data, and future technology and displays as needed.

The units can be stacked and stored in small areas across the county for quick and easy response time to the emergency locations. The modular design allows for units to be added or removed as needed for staffing and scheduling demands.   The architecture provides good lighting, are dry, solid and  A.D.A. accessible structures. This higher level of comfort and service to the whole national catastrophe operation improves the corporation’s image and public awareness.

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