etting up a new hotel involves a lot of work. A lot of planning and investment goes into designing, construction, and setting up a hotel. Several factors have to be considered while designing a hotel. 

Hotels: Basic design considerations everyone should know - Sheet1
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The design considerations are formulated to make the designers focus on incorporating the universal accessibility design principles and requirements to facilities and the building. These are also helpful in identifying the barriers in existing buildings. 

Design considerations to be followed while designing a hotel:

  • Captivating Appearance 
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An attractive appearance is extremely important while designing a hotel. The first impression is created by its appearance and this impression lasts long. The hotel possesses its distinctive personality. As one’s personality is generally based upon its physical appearance, grooming, body language, etc. 

Similarly, the hotel’s image is communicated by its external appearance. Depending upon the vibe created by the appearance of the hotel, the user selects the one which suits him/her. Attractive appearances help the hotels stand out in terms of their competition by creating their desired image in the mind of the prospective guest. The repeat customer value is also added to the property. Various aesthetics are decided from while designing a hotel.

While some would like something vintage, others tend to seek a more futuristic design. The final look depends upon various factors such as the location, type of clientele, desired image the hotel wants to portray. The most important thing to be kept in mind while deciding the aesthetic appeal and the appearance of the hotel is that it should not act as a hindrance in the day-to-day activities of the hotel operation.

  • Efficient plan
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An efficient plan utilizes the space and resources in the most optimum way possible. It refers to the layout and planning of facilities while designing the hotel. Planning is the foundation of a structure on which the execution is based. 

An efficient plan of the hotel is functional as well as aesthetically appealing. The flow of the activities and the visitors, as well as the staff, should be supported. The services should be designed in a way that the various principles of design and layout are met.

  • Good site location
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This is a key feature in designing a hotel. In-depth market research should be done to look for a site that will bring in the most customers. The following points should be considered before deciding the location:

  • Target market
  • Accessibility
  • Budget
  • Availability of Civic infrastructure
  • Vincity
  • Availability of manpower
  • Availability of raw materials 
  • Legal considerations of the site
  • Available space

The design will also be influenced by the geographical location of the site. For instance, hotels designed near an airport or railway station will be designed differently as compared to the ones designed near hill stations or beaches. Hotels situated in the middle of a crowded city will be designed differently. 

  • Appropriate material

The structure of the hotel is based on efficient construction work, plan, and also the material used. The material is carefully considered for selecting the right kind. Buildings are made quake-proof and also shockproof, construction material plays a vital role in it. 

Climatic conditions are also considered while selecting the material, it also affects the wear and tear of the building. The locally available material is cost-effective and efficient and is also mostly considered for usage. It is available close to the construction site and saves time and money. The availability of the construction material close to the site makes it easy to transport without any hassles.

  • Good workmanship 

Good workmanship refers to the required skill set for the execution of the plan. It is required for any hotel design. The knowledge of the locally available workmanship and expertise is important, this makes the hotel efficient as well as economical. 

The right kind of people with the required skills is required to execute activities such as painting, woodworks, constructions, lighting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. 

  • Budgeting 

Proper budgeting is required while designing a hotel. A budget is a plan which includes the expenses from the start of the project, till it comes to functioning. The initial procurement of finance should be assessed and the hotel should be designed accordingly, with a minimum of three months of working capital. 

Finance is the bottom line for any project formation. The availability and management of funds are something that should be considered in the designing process.  

  • Management 

The design of the hotel also depends on the quality of the management available to run it. Depending on the manpower and the quality of management, the hotel should be designed with high-tech gadgets and new technologies

Agencies and experts are involved in hotel designs such as architects, interior designers, facility layout planning, civil engineer, financial expertise. Incompetent management will result in all the facilitators working in different directions, heading for a disaster. 

The key factor of incompetent management is the allocation of resources at the right place, time, and for the right duration. A clear vision, objective strategy, and technique are important for competent management. It also includes managerial functions such as planning, leading, evaluating. 


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