The Oaklands Crossing Grade Separation project provides an enhanced station precinct, improving pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and enhanced facilities, that supports local and state government aims to increase public transport patronage and amenity.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project Name: Oaklands Station
Studio Name: Cox Architecture and ASPECT Studios
Completion Date: 2019
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Photography: Iain Bond

©Iain Bond

The Oaklands Station canopy was the result of a combination of requirements for a high-performance piece of public infrastructure, coupled with a desire to provide a strong identity and presence, not only in the lowered corridor but also at-grade. The station canopy rises and cantilevers towards the Morphett Road plaza, creating a strong gesture and announcing itself to the main node of activity. The expressive roof form responds to the safety requirements of an active rail line; its eight-metre cantilever provides shelter and a striking local landmark. The distinctive cross section is extruded across the platform length with a central diagonal cut out which serves to both focus the infrastructure over the most required areas as well as open views in and out of the station.
Complementary to the premium station requirements, the public realm and surrounding landscape area features extensive planting, high quality paved areas, public art, urban furniture and strong pathway and cycling connections. Supplementing these material choices and bringing a touch of natural warmth, the canopy soffit is lined with epoxy treated plywood panels set in a stretcher bond pattern.

©Iain Bond

The station has been designed to be low maintenance, without compromising aesthetics or amenity. Material and design choices such as textured paint finished concrete panels and steel plate cladding limit graffiti and facilitate its removal. Integrated public art supports this by discouraging vandalism as well as creating pride and interest. Local artists Jess Loughlin and Rachel Harris (project-2-project) created a piece which reflects the history of the City of Marion, as well as highlights the strong connections between the people of the area and the surrounding landscape.

COX Architecture and ASPECT Studios worked jointly on the urban design elements with each focusing and documenting the architecture and landscape elements respectively. Indeed, the design team worked within a highly collaborative environment with all engineering disciplines fully integrated and working together to balance the project outcomes, with public space, passenger amenity and community outcomes at the forefront of considerations along with safety and the technical and operational requirements. The Alliance also set up a rail interface group that met at DPTI weekly to discuss interfaces between operations and design. Excellent working relationships developed and consolidated, with the station handed over with feedback expressing the well-executed balance between the technical requirements and the passenger experience and access. The project been successful in delivering on time, on budget and with minimal community, rail and traffic disruption with the previous Oaklands Station operational for all but a 23-day occupation in April and May last year.

©Iain Bond

The project has also delivered on its sustainability objectives, with pedestrian and cycle paths upgrades, encouraging walking, cycling, and the use of public transport in a previously vehicle focused precinct. Material choices have been made with longevity in mind, and the collaborative nature of the project between the design and construction team has maximised efficiency in construction and minimised waste and delay. Vegetation choices reflect the flora and microclimate of the area. This project delivers a striking and lasting response to its main three facets; technical and operational requirements, public amenity and connectivity, and design excellence.


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