Taichung is the second main and most habitable city in Taiwan. As construction industries up and change the appearance of the city, they also guide it to continuously move forward with era. Bamboo Pavilion, located in the fourth area of Fengyuan Huludun Park, is an exhibition hall sponsored by Taichung Real Estate Development Association. Since the association is mostly composed by the greatest building construction companies, our main goal was how to combine their pure spirit with Flora Exposition, including care for physical and mental health, the devotedness in social benefit, and engineering method, with the strength and feature of the green building materials from Taiwan.

Architect: ZUO STUDIO
Address: No.2, Fengzhou Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan
Design Team: Rex Chen, Alvaro Miñé Caloto, Amelie Chuang, Heidi Wong Collaborator: FormGen Construction Ltd., Champion Construction Ltd.
Area: 1570.0 m2
Project Year: 2018
Photograph: SHIH-HONG, YANG

Bamboo Pavilion By Zuo Studio - Sheet3

In accordance with the theme of Taichung World Flora Exposition- Formosa Beauty of Taiwan- we get the image from Central Mountain Range, making the outlook of Bamboo Pavilion looks like a seed born from the ground surface, surrounded by water.

Bamboo Pavilion By Zuo Studio - Sheet4Indoor and outdoor, connect with Mother Nature in a non-resisting way. The perception of the user resembles walking through a bamboo forest, which enhancing the human experience. When raising their head, they could look up to the sky above the forest-top.

Bamboo Pavilion By Zuo Studio - Sheet5The materials used are all native species from Taiwan, Moso bamboo and Makino Bamboo from Nantou and Chiayi is our first choice. Comparing with the space scale performance of traditional installation and bamboo art, they fully express the tenacity and constitutive property of bamboo in design. By mixing constructional dimension and weaving technics, it creates a timeless space that reflects consistency.

Bamboo Pavilion By Zuo Studio - Sheet6When people enter in the space, they could feel the tranquil atmosphere together with the balance between architecture and nature. At the time of making architecture and building construction, we set for the coming days. “Bamboo Pavilion” is a metaphor of architecture’s footprint, like a seed has been spread and grow, symbolizing our hope and dream of future- offering a more habitable environment to our next generation. Furthermore, to increase the usage of more sustainable building materials harmonized with the environment, and enhance the intimate relationship between human beings and nature.

Zuo Studio

Rex Chen, the lead designer of Taiwan-Hong Kong, constantly accepts multiple challenges of architecture and interior works across Asia region such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Cambodia. These challenges enriches his creativity and make him to be perspective and global-thinking person.

Balance is perfection | from architecture to interior design, it is covered with line and surface, when reconstructing all elements of the scene, we can discover more delicate details to be integrated. Using different techniques and tools to create diversified possibilities of design. Our group include designers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Spain. Our purpose is to compose diversified exotic concepts, to inspire infinite creativities, and to enrich content of works.

Official website: http://www.zuostudio.com
Phone: +886 4 23272820
Address: No.375-3, Zhongmei St., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Email: service@zuostudio.com


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