The Petah Tikva Transportation Hub is planned on top of the old central station, and its redevelopment brings the urban happening back to the city center.

Currently under construction, the new Transportation hub incorporates 9,000 sq.meters of bus terminal with additional 9,000 sq.meters of commercial space and six floors of office space on top.

Project Architect: Oded Fux, Asaf Dali
Team: Ido Aziz, Olga Reznik, Keshet Rosenblum, Ilil Feiglin, Ayelet Kamar-Erez, Svetlana Tanunina, Smadar Efrati, Lihi Yalin, Omer Pener, Elad Goshen
Area: 70,000 sq. meters
Year: Appointed in 2014. The project is currently under construction.
Location: Petah Tikva, Israel


Engineers: Doron Shalev Engineers, Dagesh Engineering – Traffic Planning & Roads
Photography Credits: HQ Architects

Petah Tikva Transportation Hub By HQ Architects - Sheet9
©HQ Architects

The breaking of the traditional rectangular plan enables the creation of squares, urban spaces and commercial facades towards the surrounding streets. The design integrates elements that allow for further the development of the existing city center while still preserving the building’s clarity and usability.

Petah Tikva Transportation Hub By HQ Architects - Sheet10
©HQ Architects

The terminal building offers a balance between the need of the user to reach the platform as fast and efficiently as possible, and the desire of the developer to encourage the visitor’s journey through the commercial space. By utilizing the natural topography of the site, the structure keeps a continuous connection with nearby urban focal points and allows quick and convenient entrances for all users of the complex such as buses, light rail, train, taxis, bicycles and private cars dropping off passengers.


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