Tom Price Architect | Architectural Firms/ Architects in Orlando

Scope of services:  architecture, planning, interior design
Types of Built Projects: residential homes
Locations of Built Projects: Orlando, Florida
Style of work: expertise in designing a dream home with historic style

Tom price architects  design studio providing  beautiful, luxurious, functional, traditional, and timeless designs

Tom Price Architect_©
Tom Price Architect_©

WJH Health

Scope of services: Architecture, Planning, Interior design
Types of Built Projects: Healthcare
Locations of Built Projects: Orlando, Miami, Washington,
Style of work: specializes in Health planning

WJH Health is an architectural firm that specializes in the Healthcare department making a connection between people and the environment for a safe and caring tomorrow.

Orlando health orlando regional medical center_©
Orlando health orlando regional medical center_©

Workaholic Studios

Scope of services: architecture, Interior design, Creative.
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Entertainment, Thematic parks
Locations of Built Projects: Florida
Style of work: creative and affordable designs

Workaholics studios have a unique perspective to provide design solutions to clients fulfilling their requirements They bring clients ideas and visions into a reality by keeping their high standards.

Theme park
Theme park

YKK AP | Architectural Firms/ Architects in Orlando

Scope of services: Analysis, Consultation, Design Sketches, Project Management, Support.
Types of Built Projects: Commercial and Residential
Locations of Built Projects: Central and west coast of Florida
Style of work: consultation, providing glazing solutions, and construction management.

YKK AP offers various engineering and consultation services that include project management, glazing solutions, cost-effective solutions, and other support services to achieve better results for our clients.

Jw marriot_©
Jw marriot_©
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Jahanavi Arora is an Architect by profession with a passion for writing, design & decor. She believes that writing and architecture are quite similar as they both are forms of art and beyond every building, there is a story to tell which she loves to explore. In her spare time, she would be found in the corner of her room reading, playing around with her 3-year-old boy, or grooving on her favorite music.

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