Architects in Orlando have been succeedingly making the architecture of the city better with their work. The city has embarked on an impressive journey with its art and architecture by the architects in Orlando in recent years with the growth of the latest technology and sustainable design. Orlando, a city in the US state of Florida is named ‘the City Beautiful’ because of the presence of many lakes and swamps. The main attractions of the city are Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, the theme parks that attract a lot of tourists and make the city one of the most-visited cities in the world. It is home to many diverse architectural styles from futuristic thematic parks to traditional victorian styles dating back a century. This makes the city’s architecture unique and stunning. Before World War, the city had an English Victorian Style which is still implemented and popular in residential design. Following the Second World War Orlando expanded as the population grew and this dramatic growth made a great transformation in the city’s architecture following a – Modern International style.

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF along with our authors has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names architecture firms/ architects in Orlando are arranged in random order and are not ranked in any manner.

CANIN Associates | Architects in Orlando

Scope of services: architecture, landscape, and urban planning
Types of Built Projects: residential, mixed-use, recreational parks, lake resorts,
Locations of Built Projects: Orlando, Florida
Style of work: single-family housing/multiple-family housing

Canin Architects in Orlando offers services in urban planning, landscape design, and architecture all focussed on achieving successful designs that integrate and enhance the space meeting all client’s requirements.

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DLR Group

Scope of services: Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Interiors, Landscape, Preservation, and Sustainable consulting
Types of Built Projects: Educational, Residential, Museums, Renovations, Campuses.
Locations of Built Projects: Across the United States and China
Style of work: a collaborative approach to integrated design

Dlr group is an integrated design firm that expertise in various areas and offers high-quality modern and sustainable designs.

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Scope of services: Architecture, planning, Interior Design, Graphic Design Engineering, and  Consulting.
Types of Built Projects: Education, Healthcare, Government, Science & Technology
Locations of Built Projects: across the United States
Style of work: seeks balance between nature and people.

EYP firm believes in out-of-the-box designs in creating an environment that connects people and nature.

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Scope of services: Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Interior design, Sustainable Design, Urban Design, Research, and Mixed-use
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Federal, Government, and Aviation, Sports and Entertainment
Locations of Built Projects: across the World
Style of work: constantly growing, experimenting, innovative designs that blend with the environment and its inhabitants.

HKS is a global design firm with experience in a diverse range of projects delivering successful projects and creating memorable experiences with clients.

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JWB Architects | Architects in Orlando

Scope of services: Residential and Commercial
Types of Built Projects: Residences, Retail, restaurants, offices, medical buildings, and churches.
Locations of Built Projects: Florida
Style of work: a collaborative approach to high quality, integrity, workmanship, pleasing aesthetics, and customer needs.

JWB architects in Orlando offer communication and cordial relationships with the client to meet their specific needs that produce a highly optimized result.

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Petrillo Architects

Scope of services: Architectural Design Construction Administration Construction Documentation Graphic Design and Illustration Interior Architectural Design Master Planning/Feasibility Studies Project Programming Sustainable Design
Types of Built Projects: Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Convenience, Storage Centres.
Locations of Built Projects: New Jersey, New york
Style of work: provides smart solutions, impeccable designs, and exceptional services.

Petrillo architects offer a wide range of services and worked in a large commercial range of projects, hotels, retail stores, restaurants and creates a design with excellence and technicality.


Architects Design Group and Inc.

Scope of services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Planning, and Construction Administration.
Types of Built Projects: Public works, Law Enforcement, Civic Government, and Criminal Justice.
Locations of Built Projects: Orlando
Style of work: expertise in unique, contemporary, and authentic.

Architects design group specializes in public safety and municipal facilities throughout the United States,  the team offers unique, creative, and energy-efficient designs to achieve the highest standards of design quality.

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Scope of services: program construction management, management strategic, consulting, operation management, construction maintenance
Types of Built Projects: environmental, health, transportation, water.
Locations of Built Projects: Europe, North America, Middle East, United Arab Estimates.
Style of work: smart sustainable design solutions

Jacobs is a consulting firm that provides smart sustainable design solutions, making a connection between people and the environment for a better tomorrow.

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Baker Barrios 

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape, Planning, and Urban Design
Types of Built Projects: Arts and Entertainment, Education, Corporate, Health-care, Hospitality, Mixed-use, Sports and Recreation.
Locations of Built Projects: Orlando
Style of work: urban, contemporary, iconic, exquisite, and modern.

Baker Barrios is an architectural design studio that offers innovative designs which keep on experimenting and evolving to transform the present, shape the future and make tomorrow a better place to live in.

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Baskerville | Architects in Orlando

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Planning, Sustainable, and Historic +Adaptive Reuse.
Types of Built Projects: education, healthcare, community, hospitality, mixed-use, manufacturing, and logistics.
Locations of Built Projects: Orlando, Virginia.
Style of work: personalized attention

The Baskervill team approaches the design concentrating on the client’s needs and its objectives to create beautiful, and functional spaces.

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Jahanavi Arora is an Architect by profession with a passion for writing, design & decor. She believes that writing and architecture are quite similar as they both are forms of art and beyond every building, there is a story to tell which she loves to explore. In her spare time, she would be found in the corner of her room reading, playing around with her 3-year-old boy, or grooving on her favorite music.