Arq Arquitectos Pamplona S.l. | Architects In Spain

Scope of services: technical assistance, advice and monitoring restoration, and conditioning
Types of Built Projects: commercial, residential, rehabilitation, restoration, and conditioning.
Locations of Built Projects: Spain.
Style of work: commitment to both technical and aesthetic quality.

Arquitectura Y Diseno - Sheet21

Axis Arquitectura

Scope of services:  architecture, interior design, construction, and technical consulting for real estate.
Types of Built Projects:  business tertiary sector: offices, residential, commercial premises, industrial warehouses, and rehabilitation.
Locations of Built Projects: Spain.
Style of work:  creative.


Axis Arquitectura - Sheet22

Arriola & Fiol arquitectes

Scope of services:  architecture, planning, design, landscape, urban furniture.
Types of Built Projects:   public space, civic buildings, regeneration, and residential.
Locations of Built Projects: Spain, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Austria
Style of work:  exploring the interrelationship between architecture and urbanism.


Arriola & Fiol arquitectes - Sheet23
Nou Barris Central Park (2006) ©

Atica 7 estudio de decoración

Scope of services:  interior design and reforms, décor, design, concept, and advice.
Types of Built Projects:  commercial, hospitality, and residential.
Locations of Built Projects: Spain.
Style of work:  fast, economical and effective.

Atica 7 estudio de decoración - Sheet24

ÁBATON Arquitectura

Scope of services:  architecture, planning/urban design, interior design, research, and consulting.
Types of Built Projects:  architecture projects and housing development.
Locations of Built Projects: Spain.
Style of work: flexible.


ÁBATON Arquitectura - Sheet25

Alberto Campo Baeza | Architects In Spain

Scope of services:  architecture
Types of Built Projects:  residential, institutional
Locations of Built Projects: Spain, Africa, Europe, Central and South America, and North America.
Style of work: draws on both natural and manmade elements to create exceptional spaces.

Alberto Campo Baeza - Sheet26

AF6 Arquitectura

Scope of services:  architecture, rehabilitation, heritage, structures, and landscape.
Types of Built Projects:  commercial, institutional, healthcare, hospitality, sports facilities, and residential.
Locations of Built Projects: Europe.
Style of work: personalized attention.

AF6 Arquitectura - Sheet27


Scope of services: architecture and urban design.|
Types of Built Projects: transportation, education, retail or cultural facilities, offices for public bodies, and social housing.
Locations of Built Projects: Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, North America, Oceania, and the Middle East.
Style of work:  innovation.

AZPML - Sheet28


Scope of services:  engineering, construction, and transportation.
Types of Built Projects: roads and bridges, railways and tunnels, airports, healthcare, special projects, and sustainable spaces
Locations of Built Projects:  Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Oceania, Asia, Middle East

Style of work:  sustainability.

ACCIONA - Sheet29

Artec3 Studio

Scope of services: architecture and interior design.
Types of Built Projects:  commercial, institutional, hospitality, residential, and cultural.
Locations of Built Projects: Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, and Tunisia.
Style of work: creative.

Artec3 Studio - Sheet30
Manacar Tower  ©
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