The revolutionary artificial intelligence invites us to rethink academia, arts, computer science, medicine, economics, cybersecurity, among others. The internet boom broke barriers decades ago with the search for information, the big difference with today is that Ai creates it for you.

Designer: Kevin Abanto
Video Production: Luis Matias
Workflow: iA MidJourney, iA Real-ESGRAN, PicTo 3D, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects.
Year: 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Imagination by Kevin - Sheet6

How will you act against intercultural development? Will there be tacitly reserved rights? What will happen to intellectual property? Will it give less or more value to NFTs? How will misinformation be dealt with? Design from non-design?

Artificial Intelligence and Imagination by Kevin - Sheet7

The practice that develops design, from digital together with its three-dimensionality, will rapidly expand to the creation of the metaverse. The dynamics of collaborative work that works even from the phone, will reduce arduous work hours, and constant training is available to everyone.

Artificial Intelligence and Imagination by Kevin - Sheet8

Imagination when materializing ideas will always be essential: conceptualizations, material hybrids, structural encounters, mixes of antagonistic cultures, hundreds of architectural solutions, in short, thousands of things. Alternatives that come to us from MidJourney, Dall-e, Stabble Difussion, Disco Difussion, and those that are already being developed.

Did we really need this? Did we really want this?


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