As the healthcare sector evolves progressively, one notable invention is the design of hospital beds. The trend has moved from manual models to more technologically advanced setups. 

Today, electric hospital beds take center stage, with their features promoting enhanced comfort, better accessibility, and ultimately, delivering better patient care.

If you aim to deliver optimal patient care, investing in the right hospital beds is vital. Here, we’re considering electric hospital beds known for their comfort and versatility.

The Importance of Comfort in Hospital Beds

Patient comfort is a crucial determinant in the recovery process. Hospital caregivers can offer the best treatment plans, but if the patient is unsatisfied with their bed, it can hinder recuperation.

The use of electric hospital beds over traditional manual ones improves this by offering the following:

  • Good sleep support: Provides healthy spine alignment and pressure redistribution, significant for preventing bedsores.
  • Easy-to-operate features: Electric beds can be easily adjusted, ensuring superior comfort compared to manual cranks on conventional beds.
  • Promotes independence: Allows patients to adjust position without help from caregivers through easy-to-use buttons.

Innovations in Electric Hospital Bed Models

Technology has sparked a gamut of advancements in the healthcare sector. Among the most significant is the development of innovative electric hospital beds. This equipment promotes patient comfort and swift mobility, which accelerates recovery. 

Here, we’ve compiled some noteworthy electric hospital bed features to help enhance your comfort and mobility.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electric Hospital Beds

Electric hospital beds have become essential equipment for patients needing proper care at home or in healthcare settings. These beds facilitate comfort and convenience for patients with different ailments. 

With a wide array of options available in the market, it is crucial to consider some critical aspects before purchasing. 

Quality and Durability

The quality of an electric hospital bed is of utmost importance. Look for:

  • Material: The material should be durable and capable of enduring the patient’s weight. Steel frame beds are often recommended.
  • Finishing: Quality finishing can prevent the bed from rust and corrosion, enhancing its longevity.
  • Mechanism: The motor mechanism should be smooth and noise-free, ensuring undisturbed sleep.

Adjustability and Control

Electric beds should offer customization with easy-to-use control features. Factors to consider include:

  • Positions: Ensure that the bed provides essential positions like Fowler’s position (semi-sit), Trendelenburg position (tilting the bed with the foot end higher than the head end), and Reverse Trendelenburg position (opposite of Trendelenburg).
  • Controls: Check for accessible and user-friendly control units embedded in the bed rail or handheld remote controls.

Size and Weight Capacity

Consider the size of the bed and its weight capacity relevant to the patient’s use. Look for:

  • Bed size: Ensure the bed is appropriate, considering the patient’s height and weight.
  • Weight capacity: Beds should have a high weight-bearing capacity. Standard beds usually support 450 pounds.

Comfort and Safety

Patient comfort is crucial. Necessary comfort features to consider are:

  • Mattress quality: A good quality pressure relief mattress can minimize bedsores.
  • Railings: Look for beds with easy-to-use and lockable side railings for buy-in and prevention from falling.
  • Locking wheels: These can provide stability and prevent accidental movement.

Extra Features

These extra features can offer added convenience:

  • Battery backup: Essential during power outages.
  • Storage compartment: Useful for storing medicines, personal items, etc.
  • IV pole and Overbed table: These can ease patient care.

Price and Warranty

Ensure that the bed you choose offers value for money with a sound warranty policy covering both the bed frame and the electric components.

Assembly and Delivery

Always ask about the assembly and delivery of the bed. Some sellers offer free delivery and installation, saving you time and effort.

Vendor Reputation

Check the vendor’s reputation and read reviews from other customers. Reliable and trusted companies are more likely to provide high-quality products and better customer service.

Here are the best hospital bed recommendations to check:

AURA™ PREMIUM 48” Extra Wide

Experience the exceptional comfort and safety of the AURA™ PREMIUM 48” Extra Wide Hospital bed. Designed for clients who value extra space and complete luxury.

  • Extra Spacious: Comes with an impressive 48″ sleeping surface width and a 52″ overall width.
  • Comfortable: This premium bed model includes the Dream™ Bamboo Quilt-Top mattress.
  • Fully Electric Functionality: All adjustments, including height, bed up and down, backrest, and knee elevation, can be controlled electrically.
  • Reliable Safety Features:
    • 2 multi-height assist rails provide reliable safety.
    • Fall-safe ultra-low height enhances user comfort and minimizes fall risk.
  • Comfort Chair Position: Maximizes user comfort with a transformative chair position setting.
  • Hi-Lo Elevation: Allows complete control of bed height adjustment.
  • Advanced Tilt Functionality: It features a Trendelenburg tilt function for added comfort and health benefits.
  • Wheel-casters & Central Brake Pedal: Offers excellent mobility and stability with a secure brake pedal.
  • Certification: Fully certified to an International Hospital Standard, ensuring top-tier quality and safety.

Invacare Etude HC Homecare Bed

This modern medical bed offers features often reserved for hospital-only models, now available for home use. Its distinguishing features include:

  • A high/low bed package that allows height adjustment.
  • It has shearing mitigation, reducing friction as the bed adjusts.
  • Features tool-free assembly.

Joerns Bari10A Bariatric Bed

Designed for bariatric patients, this bed accommodates the unique needs of heavier patients, offering comfort and enhanced safety. Its remarkable features include:

  • Expansion width facilitates patient access and ease of care.
  • A safe working load of 1000 lbs., offering enhanced safety.
  • Advanced positioning capabilities.

Final Words

In conclusion, comfort in hospital care transcends more than just administering the proper medication. The introduction of electric hospital beds revolutionizes the level of comfort to endorse faster recovery and superior overall care. 

When making a purchase, the focus should be on what’s of uttermost importance: the patient’s enhanced comfort and ensured recovery. Invest wisely; remember, better beds equal better care.


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