The pandemic has got all of us to focus our attention back on our humble homes – our homes became our cocoon, and almost everything revolved around it. Statistics show that the U.S. remodeling market grew at an unprecedented rate of more than $500 billion in the year after Covid-19 hit us, as per the Joint Center For Housing Studies, Harvard University, which conducted research in the remodeling business for over two decades. But despite the massive rise in remodeling activities, the homes in our country are in desperate need of urgent replacements and maintenance. Remodelers have a booming market, but the competition is cutthroat as well.

Bagging new remodeling, renovation contracts, and building leads is only part of the strategy, but converting them into revenue for your establishment is another ball game altogether. Putting together a good strategy for sales that is efficient, effective, and simple is necessary to move up the business ladder. We will discuss four ways to help you increase sales and expand your remodeling and renovation business. Whether you have won a small renovation business or you are part of a larger franchise, these tips will help you stand out amongst your competitors and increase your bottom line.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Creating a Sales Process

Understanding what your potential consumers are looking for and why they should pick you to do business with is the first step in developing a sales strategy. You should be able to answer these questions clearly so that your potential client will see your confidence and determination from the get-go. You can begin by compiling a list of the benefits you offer your consumers and why they should pick your remodeling firm over others. Here are some starters you can include in your list. Remember to focus on how ‘your business’ can help them resolve their issues.

  • How your firm can help them save money
  • How to relieve their stress
  • How the services you offer can help them
  • How your firm can help them get what they envisioned within a given timeframe.

Strategies To Help You Increase Sales

Once you understand what your clients are looking for and how you can help them accomplish that, it is time to work on your sales strategies. Follow these steps to help increase your sales and revenue.

Create a Sales Cycle

Simply put, a sales cycle is a sequence of actions or phases that occur when a product or service is sold. However, the number of steps that are required in a sales cycle may vary. Your goal, however, is to shorten the cycle and close the deal as soon as possible to maximize profit. Prospecting, pitching, and closing the sale is one of the most basic and effective sales cycles to follow. However, gaining a consistent revenue stream is the ultimate goal you should look forward to by following a sales cycle procedure. Apart from that, there are other advantages – it helps create credibility for your organization by fostering consistency across your sales team. It also helps identify techniques you can repeat successfully to increase the number of finished deals and decrease the time to complete the project.

Upselling Your Services

You should begin upselling your clients additional services or products they initially did not intend to buy. This is proven to be a successful method to increase your profits and sales and provide your clients with value-added services.

Invest In Home Remodeler Sales Training

Level up your team’s sales skills if you want more high-quality leads. In today’s extremely competitive market, having an advantage is always helpful. A strong sales team is what makes sure that your business stays one step ahead of the rest. Increase the productivity of renovation and remodeling salespeople by providing them with perfect home remodeler sales training to maximize client value and profit margins. This training will impart the basics to attract, capture, and convert online leads into clients. Most remodeler sales training is designed for builders who are geared up to consistently work with high-quality leads so they can spend more time selling and building their business.

Look For New Opportunities

Looking out for new opportunities is the first stage of the sales process. It helps in generating leads which will help in identifying potential clients. Prospecting may take different forms, like cold calls and email campaigns or registering online as a service provider.

In today’s day and age, most potential customers are tech savvy and are found online – in fact, according to Statista, consumers searching for the term “home improvement” shot up 21% compared to pre-Covid-19. Make sure you list your business online and make your presence felt in the local niche directories.

Content marketing can give clients a glimpse of your brand and what it does while channeling a lot of prospects and can help you build a credible database. Hiring a content writer or team to handle your blogs and social media accounts will guide your customer to precisely what they are looking for online.

In Conclusion

If done correctly, creating a strong sales cycle can be a simple and extremely productive procedure. Start off with these easy-to-incorporate steps and tweak them as you understand what works best for your business.


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