Are you looking to renovate your house to a more modern feel? Perhaps you will be able to get a new home this year? Your home reflects who you are, and you’ll want a home you can enjoy living in. It’s essential to have a design style that works just for you.

It’s hard to keep your home style trendy, which is why this article will break down some of the most popular design styles and help you choose one that will work for you.

Utilizing Antiques

You may have some antique furniture lying around and are looking at ways to get rid of it. Before you do, consider that adding classic furnishing to a modern space is rising. Mixing retro pieces with a modern touch is a great way to upcycle furniture. If you’re going thrift shopping, try to see how that oak furniture can fit into your contemporary home.

Japandi Design

A design leaning more towards minimalism, the Japandi design incorporates the current trend of Scandanavian design and mixes it up with the functional elegance of Japanese style. You’re looking for warmer and muted tones similar to taupe and stone color and avoiding anything too bright and attention-catching. Essentially, it’s building a relaxing vibe, incorporating many natural elements while having an organized look.

Warm Wood Finish

You may have seen a trend a couple of years back with all-white kitchens. While there’s still appeal to them, all-white kitchens can feel cold and are too bright while also being tough to clean. For these reasons, you might be looking to incorporate the warmer taupe colors of the Japandi style while not embracing it fully—the grey undertones of a cream-colored kitchen island pair great with a white tabletop. It’s all about incorporating a mix of colors to make your house’s furnishings stand out.

Picture Frame Moulding

Picture frame molding is a design choice that has stood the test of time. This design is excellent in adding depth and dimension to any space. If you’re having a problem with bare-looking walls, picture frame molding might be the way to go. You also have several variations to go for. For example, you could go floor to ceiling with it. Maybe 3/4ths or even half of the way work better for you. The best part is that picture frame molding is easy to install and is a fantastic weekend project to make your rooms stand out.

Sage Green Colors

You could say that Sage Green is all the rage right now. Several large paint companies have released their take-ups on the sage green color like Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog or Behr’s Breezeway. If you’re looking to color match that is hidden access panel with your kitchen, you can readily find a flavor of sage green that can work in the aesthetic you’re going for. Because colors go in and out of trends quickly, you can incorporate the sage green paint scheme for your powder room. Adding a few green throw pillows to your living room is another quick way to stay up to date while not investing too much in a color that can quickly go out of fashion.

Wrapping Up

It’s hard to keep up with the times, especially now that information is so readily available because of the internet. Hopefully, you have some ideas on what style might work for you. The important thing is that you think out of the box and end up with an aesthetic you’ll be proud to show off.


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