Developed to become the new heart of the Escola Internacional de Curitiba, the Learning Center is a place to meet, to learn, to make friends, to exchange knowledge and also to have a good coffee.

Project Name -Learning Center International School of Curitiba
Studio Name -Sum Architecture
Project size– 600 m2
Site size – 17 m2
Completion date– 2018
Building Level – 1
Location– Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil
Photography– Eduardo Macarios

Learning Center International School of Curitiba by Sum Architecture - Sheet4
©Eduardo Macarios

To replace the old library, the space was designed to embrace creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, thus becoming a meeting place for the entire community. Breaking the traditional concept of libraries within schools, users can meet for a lecture, teamwork, with a good coffee in hand.This new learning center also brought the concept of uniting the IT department with the school’s knowledge center. Before, as in almost all schools, the IT department was isolated, today, it is inside the Learning Center, becoming a support service for teachers and students and encouraging innovation.

At the heart of the new Learning Center is the knowledge tree, dividing and guiding users to each learning corner.

Learning Center International School of Curitiba by Sum Architecture - Sheet6
©Eduardo Macarios

A corner for reflection, another for one-to-one classes, meeting tables, armchairs, and even book shelves, everything can be moved within the space. Casters in all the furniture transform the space according to the needs of the school.

Learning Center International School of Curitiba by Sum Architecture - Sheet8
©Eduardo Macarios

We used architecture to create a space for exchange of knowledge, creativity, communication, technology and relationships, a place where everyone wants to be and where everyone wants to learn.


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