Do you think you have hit the jackpot with a basic and standard monitor? Think again!

Mobile Pixels Geminos and many other stacked monitors offer even more streaming experience with a bigger screen, reality-like sound, and many action-filled moments. Don’t believe this? Ask yourself this question. Why do people prefer going to the movies to streaming a series from their phones? Why do people invest thousands of dollars to purchase a bigger, flatter TV screen than a smaller one?

What’s more exciting is that the stacked monitors are much better than a TV. Here are some ways stacked monitors can enhance your ultimate streaming experience.

Bigger Screen, Better Experience

This is almost non-arguable. The bigger the screen, the more exciting a video is. If it is purely for leisure, the bigger screen helps you feel more drawn into the video’s action – like virtual reality.

If it’s for work purposes – either as a video editor, a movie reviewer, or a movie recap writer, a bigger screen helps you see the details more evidently, even those that would have been lost on a smaller screen. The best part is that this big screen is not a thousand meters away from you. It can be right on your desk and in front of you. Plus, it is a portable device that’s easy to carry around.

Motion Clarity

Speaking of a clearer screen, the motion clarity of the Geminos Mobile Pixel stacked monitor makes it almost like you can touch the characters of your video. Motion clarity refers to the property that determines and controls the illuminance of the display and maximizes the duration it takes to display the action. That means the video does not get blurred with quick switches of the POV, and your monitor will not reduce efficiency from playing larger video files.

Mult-task Easily

This is especially essential if you stream videos for work purposes. Sometimes, you might need to quickly write down a few things, research some documents, watch another corresponding video, or tweak some elements of the video as you stream.

If you are on the conventional monitor, you are slightly limited with your multi-tasking capabilities. You must switch the tabs, pause the video, or even scroll down to apply these changes. It’s worse when you mistakenly close the tab for the video when trying to switch back.

To avoid all of these time-wasting events, the stacked monitor helps you stream the video on one half of the monitor and then do your workings on the other half without needing to switch tabs, scroll, or pause unwillingly.

Adjust Away

Stacked monitors allow you to control your viewing angle. While you might not be able to do so with a TV, you get the total allowance to turn or tilt your monitor however you like for your preferred view. For the Geminos stacked monitors from Mobile Pixels, you can get up to 15-degree tilt rotation control to get the right angle when needed.

Impressive Sound and Video Cards

Another way the stacked monitors can enhance your streaming experience is the level of sound and video cards inputted into the monitor. While other brands might be less impressive, the Geminos offers enhanced sound and video quality. With the Geminos monitor, you won’t have to settle for subpar audio and video.

The built-in 3W speakers and microphone provide crystal-clear sound that will take your viewing experience to the next level. Plus, the 10-in-1 docking station makes it easy to connect all your devices, especially if you have a speaker you are already in love with. The 1080p resolution of the Geminos monitor is also unparalleled among its series, offering the most detailed visuals available.

Easy to Setup

Finally, stacked monitors are easy to assemble – even if you have yet to gain prior experience. All you need to do is place the monitor on the table, turn it on, connect it to your laptop, and set the resolution, and your stacked monitor will be up and running in no time.


Stacked monitors can improve your streaming by giving you more screen space, making your eyes and neck feel better, and making it easier to set up your things. As more people watch streaming content and want a better way to do it, stacked monitors are becoming a common pick for people who stream a lot.


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