Art in a professional business space is not a novelty. In fact, if you’re looking to create a modern-looking office that will impress customers and help boost employees’ morale, art (especially wall art) is the best way to do it.

Plus, businesses that struggle to get employees back into the office after a couple of years of working from home have a lot to learn about how to design a welcoming work environment that looks professional. After all, when you have everything you need at home, why would you want to return to a bland-looking office where the main color is beige?

So if you want to make a good impression on customers and employees, it’s time to start thinking about the type of art that you want in your offices, lobbies, and conference rooms. Keep in mind that even though art comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, not every type of art can make a positive impact in a professional space. Therefore, we put together a few guidelines to help you get started.

Best Artwork for the Office

Art has the power to inspire and nurture curiosity, which is why large companies pay a lot of detail to how they decorate office spaces. Plus, wall art is easier and more cost-efficient to change than re-painting the entire office. This way, you can keep the impression of new and refreshing without a big financial investment.

Furthermore, you don’t need pricey art pieces. You just need wall art that fits your brand (in color, shape, or message) and that can promote the type of company culture you want to practice.

For instance, nowadays, you can find lots of abstract paintings for sale like Singulart that can easily fit any company’s needs for office decoration. Choose ones that use the predominant colors of your brand to make employees and customers feel connected to the brand each time they see the art. Singulart is

Plus, some companies use office artwork to stimulate employees’ curiosity about the job. This is why you’ll find specific types of wall art in different companies. A well-respected newspaper may have prints of some of its most successful articles or vintage prints of how the company started (pictures of old buildings and equipment).

On the other hand, an architect’s office may use prints that depict impressive buildings around the world, cityscapes, or stylized blueprints. These prints keep the focus on the main object of activity but also help spark inspiration whenever needed. So, if you plan to become an interior designer in the US, your wall art should focus on elegant and luxurious designs that stimulate the mind and help employees and customers understand your appreciation for the job.

Best Artwork for the Lobby

The lobby is one of those spaces where art is needed to create a friendly and professional mood. This is because the lobby is the first thing employees see in the morning and the first point of contact with your office for customers. So it must be representative of your brand and object of activity.

Plus, art in the lobby can have a calming and soothing effect, especially if there’s no natural light. If the first thing a stressed-out employee sees is the coldness of gray walls, their day is not going to have a good start.

Following the aforementioned example, each company should use art that represents its activity. For instance, an architect’s office could place the well-lit model of a building they designed right in the lobby. This way, everyone entering will be faced with a successful and impressive project. On the other hand, a women’s magazine may use an abstract painting that invites viewers to relaxation and introspection.

Best Artwork for Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are designed to bring people together and allow them to focus on discussing the matter at hand. This is why some companies will avoid distractions of any kind, including art. However, specialists found that colors, shapes, and art, in general, are stimulating for the brain, especially when it comes to creativity.

Therefore, you may want to rethink your boring conference room design and take a different approach. For instance, some companies choose to go in a completely different direction and create a gallery wall with contrasting colors and themes. This way, the room gets an impressive pop of color, and your company gets to make a powerful statement.

Plus, when done right, the gallery wall is an impressive piece of art in itself. That’s because you can combine different styles, shapes, and sizes into one homogeneous gallery that expresses the power and attractiveness of your brand.

Art Brings People Together

Whether in a museum or on an office wall, art will always facilitate communication and help people create personal connections. In the office, it helps employees start discussions, find common interests, and connect at a deeper level. In a Zoom call, it makes the background friendlier and changes the entire atmosphere.

Overall, regardless of its shape and size, art is a wonderful way to invite curiosity and a desire for exploration into your life.


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