There is no better state to do real estate in the United States than New York City. As of April 2024, the New York housing market shows positive trends, with an average home value of $627,000, reflecting a 4.8% increase over the previous year. Homes in New York spend about 83 days on the market compared to 92 last year. NY agents and brokers make huge sums of money helping clients buy and sell their properties. However, practicing real estate in New York requires you to have a license. Are you thinking about launching a real estate career in New York? Understanding how to get your agent or broker license in NY fast can help you kickstart your dream career with ease. Aspiring agents in New York must complete a state-required 77-hour real estate pre-licensing education course. You can get this from trusted online schools such as RealEstateU.

5 Simple Steps to Earn Your New York Real Estate License Fast

Following the licensing requirements of the New York Department of State (NYDOS) can help you qualify for your realtor license for any real estate profession. Recent data shows that New York realtors are among the highest paid real estate professionals in America, earning a whopping $94,000 per year. From knowing the state-approved courses to understanding how to book your licensing examination, the following steps can pave the way to get a New York realtor license ASAP.

1. Be Aged at Least 18

Potential real estate agents in New York should be aged at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent education. They must also be legal U.S. citizens or lawfully recognized aliens. Finally, you should have a current driver’s license or non-driver ID card to qualify for a realtor license.

2. Complete the 77-Hour New York Real Estate Pre-License Course

Completing 77 hours of approved pre-license education is a must if you want to get an NY realtor license. RealEstateU is a reliable online platform that provides the best 77-hour pre-licensing real estate courses in New York. Taking advantage of online courses can help you study on your own schedule from the comfort of your home. Many students find RealEstateU’s online courses not only convenient, but also affordable, since they have the chance to effortlessly juggle between their licensing education and full-time or part-time jobs.

3. Pass The New York Real Estate License Exam

Passing the license NY exam real estate is also a must if you want to get your license. New York requires students to pass the state licensing exam with a score of at least 70% to be eligible for their licenses. The 90-minute exam comprises 75 questions that cover the content in the 77 hour pre-licensing real estate curriculum.

4. Find a Sponsoring Broker

Getting a sponsoring broker is another mandatory step to follow when looking for a real estate license in NY. Your chosen broker will serve as your mentor as you begin your new career in real estate in New York.

5. File For Your License

The final step to get your New York real estate license is to apply for it through the New York Department of State. You can opt to mail in your application or do it online and pay the required fees.

Getting a realtor license New York typically takes about three to six months. The duration may also vary depending on whether a student takes the pre-license course online or in a traditional classroom, as well the course package they choose. Those who are self-motivated can easily acquire NY realtor licenses online with RealEstateU.


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