Sometimes, expanding your bathroom is impossible. But even if the bathroom is small, you can still make it look roomier. The following will do the trick: some clever rearrangement techniques, and removing large items such as a built-in shower stall or a bathtub that drowns the room.

If you do not have space to enlarge the bathroom, you can learn how to maximise the area to make it look larger. Thus, whether you want to redesign your bathroom or looking for optical illusions, here are some tips.

Create a new floor plan

Analyse the current design of your bathroom. Locate the areas where you have more room to move and identify the spaces that feel too cramped. Decide whether the standalone bathtub fits its purpose or if it is only taking up too much precious space. Think about wall-mounted cabinets and shelves to give you more room on the floor. Hanging cabinets can be a more attractive place to store and display hygiene and beauty essentials. Consider placing the hanging storage for your bathing items on the farthest wall of the bathroom.

Consider new showers and bathtubs 

Look at the new sizes and shapes of shower units online. You can find a triangular or curved shower stall occupying less space. You can also create the illusion of a bigger bathroom with glass. Most shower stalls and tubs look better with clear glass enclosures, with only a few pieces of hardware to distract the view.

Think of the number of times you use the bathtub. You could replace it with something smaller and more functional, like a walk-in bath, particularly if you have young children and adults with limited mobility.

Check the wall and floor tiles

Placing tiles diagonally can make the room look larger if you are considering replacing your bathroom tiles. Modern bathrooms use larger tiles to minimise the grout lines, making the space larger visually. Wall tiles that reach the ceiling will also make the room look bigger and higher. Ensure that the tiles behind the clear glass shower unit have the same wall tiles so as not to break the view. Draw the eyes upward by using decorative or coloured tiles near the ceiling.

Add accents with colour and patterns

Avoid using small patterns when you have a small bathroom. Instead, choose bold designs with simpler patterns. With larger patterns, you give prominence to the room. For example, most people use neutral colours and white to make the room look brighter and bigger. Add accents by using a complementary colour palette. Also, refrain from using too many colours, making the room smaller and cluttered.

Add mirrors and lights

A well-lit bathroom looks bigger and brighter. Instead of putting lights overhead, place cove lighting, wall sconces, and other lighting fixtures you can mount on the walls. They can make the bathroom ceiling look higher and the room more spacious. Further, you can use oversized mirrors to reflect the light. Reflected light opens up cramped areas.

Find small bathroom organising ideas before deciding what to do to make your bathroom look bigger. You can talk to a decorator or a contractor once you finalise your design.


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