There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that amongst all the different materials in the world, steel is up there as the strongest and hardiest material. Steel can be used for various things, but it’s the material of choice in construction, particularly for windows. Steel windows have existed for a long time and revolutionised the window industry as we know it. Steel is the best choice if you are looking for a window for your home or property. Its strength and durability lead to safety and security, which are paramount in today’s households and business properties. But what other advantages can steel windows give? Here are the main advantages of using steel as your window material of choice.

Steel windows explained

Of course, everyone knows what steel windows are, but steel is one of the strongest metals around, and you can utilise it to give your window frames an extra layer of security. It is also known for its modern and sleek look, which fits very well with contemporary buildings. But not all steel windows are made entirely of steel – some are made of timber and then coated with steel. So if you want long-lasting, high-quality windows, it is best to go with Crittall windows – and Crittall replacement specialists like Metwin can easily install them for your property.

  • Their true benefits

There are many reasons why property owners still choose steel windows over other materials, even though these materials are cheaper, and they are outlined below:

  • A secure and robust element

Everyone would agree that the number one reason why numerous property owners choose steel windows is that nothing beats them in security and strength. Steel is undoubtedly the most robust window material, and window frames made from steel are incredibly sturdy and secure.

  • Not much maintenance

Another worthy fact about steel windows is that they don’t require much maintenance. All they need is to be wiped now and again, so they are clean and free from dust and dirt. But be mindful if you live near the seaside, as you might need to protect the windows from more salt and moisture in the environment.

  • A longer lifespan

Unlike other materials, like wood/timber, which can rot, or aluminium, which can easily break or get damaged, steel comes with a longer lifespan than most. It mainly depends on the manufacturer (and this is why Crittall windows are the best), but your steel windows can last for 20 years or more.

  • Versatility is key

Whilst it’s true that many window materials are also versatile, steel windows are highly versatile – that’s why you can see them in both period and historic properties and contemporary buildings, even skyscrapers. In addition, you can have your steel windows customised or bespoke – this gives you more flexibility when choosing the style and design, as well as the size.

  • More sustainable than you think

Lastly, steel is a material that’s more sustainable than you may think – it is easily recyclable, for one. You will be protecting the environment (and not harming it) if you go for steel windows, which are often made from recycled materials.


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