As you know, the character of the interior is manifested in the details. Even the simplest furniture and walls can be decorated in such a way that the spirit is filled with admiration! Decor helps to show yourself in the surrounding, and create a cozy space to live and work. Below you will find indispensable tips on how to decorate your interior, if you currently have no ideas. We hope we have inspired you to make changes!

Handmade is always an option

One of the simplest solutions for decorating a room with your own hands is the creation of unusual interior accessories. For example, a girl’s room can be decorated with a garland of colorful hearts. To do this, you only need to cut them under a stencil of colored paper and string them with a needle and thread at a short distance from each other. By the way, garlands are a versatile option for any children’s room. They can be made not only from paper but also from other, much more exciting materials. For example, a chain made of soft fleece balls looks original and at the same time pleasant to the touch, but every mother, if we are talking about the child room, knows how important tactile sensations are for the harmonious development of the baby. You can create a garland from carefully cut pieces of colorful fabric or even crochet it and decorate a wall, window, or ceiling.

There are lots of DIY projects you can do with your friends or family members. That way you have a great pastime and obtain a new skill.

Live Wallpaper

In recent decades, photo wallpapers with incredibly realistic images have not gone out of trend. Photographers print their works on the wallpaper, thus imprinting their talent, and memories, changing moments forever, combining them with an exquisite interior design.

However, the option with photo wallpapers is risky and daring. Photo wallpapers are not always combined with other decor elements in their best way and, most importantly, with the color range of the interior. Therefore, we offer to consider another hit of the season – paintings with a yellow accent. The yellow color, like blue, has become a trend, becoming associated with the flag of Ukraine, a country that is currently fighting for independence, and embodies freedom, and will. You can also sow flowers at your home: regardless of the season, they will bloom and decorate your unique interior. What yellow flowers come to mind? Of course, sunflowers! Still lifes, painted paintings, sunflowers in macro, a field of sunflowers, vases with these sunny plants – all this and more you can find in TexelPrintArt. Adorable wall art canvases are there to refresh your interior and add something special.

Objects picked from nature

The use of natural materials in the interior is in trend today. They fill the house with coziness, making it stylish and spectacular. You can produce a lot of different products with your own hands from natural materials: a panel, a wreath, or ikebana. It is easy to turn an ordinary knot into beautiful interior decor. Small branches of a whimsical shape can decorate a flower pot. They are fixed with a linen rope first from below, then from above. It’s easy to do if the twists are about the same size. The result will be a real treasure for any designer. Even dry plants can harmoniously decorate the interior.

For instance, a wreath of cones is a relevant decoration on the eve of the New Year. Such decor creates a festive mood, and adds a stylish and spectacular look to the home. You can decorate your house with them or give them to friends. They will certainly be happy with such a surprise. The product requires cones of the same size. Plastic rings are glued to them, with the help of which they are strung on a wire. The latter bends and easily takes the shape of a circle. It is tied from above with a red ribbon. The wreath can be placed on a door or wall. Not only cones are suitable for its manufacture, but also other materials: branches, dried flowers, and fruits. Having shown imagination, they can be combined into an original composition that will decorate the house all year round. An interior product made with your own hands will not only decorate the home but also fill it with warmth and comfort. It is able to say a lot about its owners, and their talents. Its value is high because it is handmade with love.

Go green!

Apartments in the metropolis implies the absence of a lot of greenery under the windows, and the stone jungle everywhere. There can be a small park or square near the house as an exception. We felt it during the year of isolation. Therefore, especially in big cities, you want to bring a sense of nature into the house. And, of course, you can have pets, but for those who are not ready, we advise you to get closer to nature with the help of indoor plants in the interior. The main trend in the design of the living room is to decorate the interior with a large number of living plants. Greenery can completely transform the atmosphere in the room. You can use both small cacti and hanging flower arrangements. Large plants in decorative pots will look great in almost any stylistic solution.

Carpet coverings

The quality of the floor covering is of great importance in the design of the interior of the living room. However, an original and stylish carpet can emphasize a wonderful parquet or laminate. It is it that will make the atmosphere in the room more warm and cozy. Products with an original asymmetric pattern are now popular. It is worth noting that the carpet in the living room can have any shade that will harmoniously complement the overall picture.

Whether it’s still lifes, carpets or simply decor made by your hands, the only thing that matters is whether you feel comfortable in the interior: fashion is fashion, but most importantly what emotions and memories the interior leaves behind. Do you want to create in such an interior? Get inspired? Wake up with a bunch of power for a new day? Or do you want to relax here? Everything depends on your request, goal and needs: listen to yourself and you will get the best interior ever.


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