Before planning the interior of an apartment, people usually study different styles and cannot choose the most suitable one for them. The style of the room primarily depends on the area of the apartment, the height of the ceilings and other parameters.

Now the most popular apartments with not very high ceilings and medium size, so modern styles such as minimalism and scandi have become widespread. Today we will talk about how to choose the interior for your dream apartment.


This is one of the most modern styles and is popular with practical people who do not like visual noise. With a minimalist design of the apartment, you should think about where all the appliances and wardrobe will be stored and create a lot of secret closets to hide everything that can create visual noise as much as possible.

As a rule, such apartments are made for themselves by those people who prefer minimalism in everything. Now you can quite often meet on YouTube bloggers who talk about a minimalist lifestyle and productivity. It is not known how they become so popular — they buy YouTube views or many people find such content on their own.

To create an atmosphere of this style, you need to use light colors — white, beige or gray, as well as add accents with black or brown objects.


This style can also be called practical, like minimalism, but it is distinguished by high illumination and the presence of a large number of wooden objects. Scandi involves a lot of furniture and decor items made from natural materials such as wood and linen.

Unlike minimalism in the Scandinavian style, there may be bright decor elements that dilute the main plain pieces of furniture.

If you want to visually see examples of apartments in this style, then we recommend that you search for video reviews on YouTube. Now there are many architects and designers who take surveys of the premises to show their work to potential clients. Many of them do everything to promote their content — they buy real YouTube views, order ads and post links on other social networks. Your browsing will help you learn more accurate information about scandi style, and make such designers more famous.

English style

After modern interiors, we move on to a discussion of the classical style that began to spread back in the 17th century. Like everything that we associate with England, such an interior is correct and symmetrical. Most of the furniture is wooden, and the floor is lined with boards.

Of course, such an interior will not suit lovers of minimalism and modern gadgets, it was created for connoisseurs of classics and historical medieval buildings. Most likely, such repairs will be quite expensive, because chandeliers and pieces of furniture made in the classic English style are now quite rare and expensive things.

If you decide to decorate the interior in this way, then find out all the information about it and keep a sense of taste when choosing furniture and decor. There are cases when, in pursuit of the classics, people choose too pretentious things that make the apartment a tasteless museum of luxury items that do not match with each other.


Choosing the interior design of your own apartment is always a long process that is filled with doubts and controversial issues. Firstly, it depends on the characteristics of your premises, and secondly, on the goals that you are pursuing.

If you want a stylish, inexpensive and functional apartment, then make it in a minimalist style. Do you want practicality and romantic comfort? Then Scandi is the perfect option for you. Well, for those who prefer medieval classics, a strict English style is always available.


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