Liquid Detail is a leading car care center in Buenos Aires. The brand is well- known for professional and high-quality car detailing.

Construction Year: 2O21
Location: Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires
Area: 232 m*
Client: Liquid Detail
Project Team: Cinema Marramo + Estebam Fallome
Collaborator: Leamdro Barros
Photographs: Gomzalo Viramomte

Liquid Detail by Fallone Diseño & Arquitectura - Sheet5
©Gomzalo Viramomte

We were asked to design their new space merging precise workshop needs with a physical and digital plat- form to showcase their work.

Liquid Detail by Fallone Diseño & Arquitectura - Sheet6
©Gomzalo Viramomte

We proposed a single momocLromatic space containing four car detailing bays, a car wash sector, a living room, and a private office. Simple metal parts compose a language of industrial elements that create a dialogue between space and cars.

Liquid Detail by Fallone Diseño & Arquitectura - Sheet9
©Gomzalo Viramomte

Everything that happens inside is visible from the storefromt, and so, the workspace becomes a dark grey setting.


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