Undoubtedly, teachers play a vital role in shaping every student’s future. They become mentors in not only the student’s education but also impart some very important life lessons. Each teacher is unique in their way and the teachings of some of our teachers stay in our memories even after we move out of college and into different professions.

Here is a list of four different types of professors you are sure to meet in any architecture college.

Types of Professors in Architecture college
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1. The Accent

The Accent
The Accent ©Sowmya Putran

This professor’s bizarre accent is something which you cannot help out, but can only giggle at. Initially, nobody can understand much of what these professors are saying.

As the lecturebegins, a buzz erupts in the classroom even before the professor has finished his first sentence. Some of these professors make fun of it themselves, which makes it even funnier.

In a month or two, you are sure topick up the teacher’s weirdaccent and start explaining the pronunciation to the others in the class.

It is a fact that in a course like architecture,professorscome from different parts of the country or globe and many of them will speak with astrong accent.

Think of the process of understanding the tutor’s accent as part of your multicultural education.

2. The Stunner

The Stunner
The Stunner ©Sowmya Putran 

There she is- every boy’s favorite teacher.Well dressed, long hair and draped in a beautiful saree. She recently graduated from college and looks like a student herself. She is your friend on Facebook, she wears the same sneakers and watches Friends just like you do. Of course, agood-looking educator can be either a lady professor or a male professor, but the point is the same–the appreciation of beauty is very important in a field like architecture.

Their looks and personality could be the reason why the “class bunkers” turn up to their class even if the lecture is on steel frames and concrete slabs.

However, students don’t follow anything the good-looking professor says during the lectureyet each class feels like time well spent.

While very distracting, these educators can be a great source of inspiration for the younger generation.

3. The Picker

The Picker
The Picker ©Sowmya Putran

These professors suddenly change the pace of their lecture and begin directing questions at the class at the exact moment when your attention gets drifted towards personal thoughts.“Picking on” studentsis their favorite trick to increase interaction in class.Students hope and pray that they would not be the one who is singled out when the professor begins the surprise quiz.

These professors tend to call on particular students. For instance,they call upon students who don’t interact during lectures. They may also call upon a smart kid whom they think might know the answer to the question, in an attempt to motivate the others in the class to learn. Of course, sometimes these professorscall upon students who were not paying attention to the lecture or were disturbing others in the class to confront and punish them.

How to escape being “picked on” in class?

  1. Avoid eye contact
  2. Look like you are searching your head for the answer but could not come up with it yet.
  3. Ask the teacher to repeat the question (works every time)
  4. Look into your notebook or took at your pen and pretend like you are still thinking

Everyone hates being “picked on” in class. Not because they don’t have a desire to learn about architecture, but the surprise quiz creates some kind of exam-anxiety that is cruel and ruins the day.

4. The Ripper

The Ripper
The Ripper ©Sowmya Putran

These professors give students a nail-biting time during submissions, and worst, they tear apart assignments and record notebooksthat don’t meet their expectations. If you are lucky, your work might land in the dustbin. Otherwise, it might fly out of the window.

Terror, Tiger, Dracula, Dragon, and Hitler are some of the nicknames commonly earned by these educators.

The very thought of getting your record notebook or a building drawing signed by the Rippercan make you consider dropping college altogether.It is said that every architecture collegehas at least one Ripper.

How you can tell that you are heading towards the bad books of theRipper and will see your notebook in bits?

Were you ignorant about the professor’s instructions? Did you make the same mistake that the professor warned about in class?

Being careless about the instructions given by him can consume the professor’s time and energy in a way they don’t like and thus lead to a situation where he is screaming while he flips the pages of your assignment in rage, before tearing it into pieces and throwing it out of the class.

This experience with a professor who will tear your work into bits for the slightest mistake can be the perfect training ground before you come out and face the real world which is a lot worse.



Sowmya is an architectural journalist and writer. In this column, Sowmya takes you through stories on eco-architecture, biophilic design, and green buildings from across the globe.

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