She is known for her exemplary talent and stardom, with her versatile talent for adapting her nature to any character she picks. The famous Devil Wears Prada celebrity and Academy Award Winner- Meryl Streep is a popular celebrity in Hollywood and a famous landowner across the United States for a collection of spectacular houses she has owned and lived in at. 

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Meryl Streep_©

While she is known for her bold charisma, she is also a lover of art and literature. She has proven to be a socially sensible influencer promoting and supporting many greater causes.

These houses are not just random bungalows or apartments but a reflection of her taste for them, showing her depth and passion for art and literature. The following are some noteworthy residences that have much to do with architecture across the different timelines of styles Meryl Streep owns.

Home in the historic town of Salisbury-1985

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Meryl Streep’s house at Salisbury, Connecticut_©

This is said to be one of the first properties that Meryl owned back in 1985, which resides in Salisbury, a rustic town in Connecticut. It is an expansive property of around 47 acres, with a lake surrounding the home and farmland included. The house is tucked deep inside with high stone walls and many small buildings creating an illusion and ceasing away its existence.

This property is the first house where she raised her children and had the opportunity to live an everyday life like any other person without fat publicity around, as Salisbury was a very remote and introverted town with constricted exposure to Media and entertainment back then. The house has two barns, a cottage for the caretaker, who mainly was housesitting the property, and a beautiful art studio for her husband, Don Gummer, an artist and a sculptor.

Late Greek revival townhouse, Greenwich village-1995

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Five-story Late Greek revival house, Greenwich village_©

This is a five-story redbrick Greek Revival house, essentially a townhouse that was bought by the couple directly from its original owner after 50 years since it was built. This property is just a few blocks away from Washington Square Park.

The 6750 square feet house hosts six bedrooms and six fireplaces across different floors of the house, a bar area, a huge chef kitchen on the ground floor, a dining room looking out to the kitchen garden, a small office, and a deluxe suite room with Calacatta marble for its huge rustic bathroom with a cast iron bathtub.

The house has a great deal of scale and proportions, which makes it an architectural treasure that leaves traces of the architectural style of 1845 and exists as a wonderful archive to its present day. The actress, however, has renovated the house’s interior, but her passion and love for art and architecture have ensured to the preservation of the building’s structure and landscape.

The house has a 12-foot ceiling and floor-to-ceiling French windows framing the beautiful views of the street and the gardens outside on the deck. The fifth floor has a notable master suite room with a 25-foot-wide skylight. It sets the house’s great tone and feels as one gradually discovers its spaces.

Manhattan Penthouse-2006

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Meryl’s Tribeca Penthouse Apartment _©Donna Dotan
An inside look at all the houses owned by Meryl Streep - Sheet5
Beautiful green deck_©Donna Dotan

4000 Square foot, four-bedroom Tribeca Penthouse Apartment on the 24th floor is the next destiny house that Meryl bought. It is one of her very popular properties that people have known through media tours and articles.

The access to the penthouse takes on a private elevator passing through a cozy library overlooking the compact living and impressive terrace garden. The apartment is flooded with ample sunlight through its full-height glass windows, giving the apartment a wild panoramic view of its busy city’s skyline. It is demarked by its eye-catching freestanding fireplace, which anchors the living room and allows one to tour the lush, full green deck that Meryl personally looks after.

Honnold & Rex Research House, L.A -2013

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Honnold & Rex Research House, L.A._©Donna Dotan

This has been said to be one of the important case studies of early modern houses in Southern California that were built in 1954. A mid-century house that found its perfect balance with its owners who have owned it across its timeline sets a more humble and grounded mood. 

As the name sings, it was designed by Honnold and Rex and happened to be one of their early projects that reflects their mid-century architectural reflection. The house holds an open plan and double-height ceilings collecting all the natural light possible during the day with carefully designed green pockets that ambush the view and serenity.

 This 4000 square foot property hosts 4 bedrooms with four expansive, elegant bathrooms overlooking the green deck, gardens, and pools connecting the inside out.

The house entirely revolves around framing with expansive glass windows, the beautiful and timeless views of LA yearlong.

Home in Pasadena, California-2017

Home in Pasadena_©
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Floating living room in the open planning_©

A 3000 square foot mid-century modern beauty framing the views of San Gabriel Mountain is the current home Mery resides at. The famous architects’ Smith and Williams, based in South Pasadena, designed it. Known for its Modernist style in the mid-century, this house is a class example of revolutionising extroverted planning back in their time. The full-height windows in each space are carefully designed to frame the stunning views and even wake to it from the bedrooms.

The living has been designed to be the focal point of the house as it floats on the open plan creating a more inside-out circulation through its living and dining to the hardscapes and gardens. The rear side of the house has tall trees, and the lagoon-like swimming pool sets the most relaxing view even in the summer afternoons and late nights.

All these houses also prove that Meryl is not just an Artist but herself to be a work of art and aesthetics.



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