Molossia or the republic of Molossia is a micro-nation inside the United States of America. It is situated near Dayton, Nevada. Although not officially recognized by any government authority inside the United States or outside, it behaves like a separate country. Molossia was founded by Kevin Baugh in 1998. He was inspired to have his kingdom after watching the movie – The Mouse That Roared. With land of over 11.3 acres and the city of Baughston as its capital, Kevin Baugh has been Molossia’s president from the year it was founded ruling the self-proclaimed country with a population of thirty with his military background.

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Straight Out of a Fairytale.

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Every kid had dreamt of having their kingdom, some with knights and dragons to fight wars with and some with towers and fairies with tiny houses. While most children grow out of these fanciful dreams and wishful thinking Kevin Baugh has managed to capture his childhood dreams by founding the self-proclaimed nation of Molossia. And while Molossia may not have dragons or fairies and other magical creatures, there’s a sense of whimsical nostalgia to Molossia that takes us back to our childhood imagination. Complete with a local currency of Valora and toll house cookie dough – straight out of a child’s imagination.  

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Molossia isn’t just a superficial, surface levelled country though. Kevin Baugh has thought about everything for Molossia – from the national anthem, the flag, the currency, and even the military. The self-proclaimed nation of Molossia technically declares itself as a dictatorship, it’s one every citizen happily follows. Molossia’s army is a cardboard cut-out placed in the borders, the navy is Molossia’s citizens going around the lakes in canoes and having small water-filled experiments. The whole country feels like one large play which includes kids and adults.

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The Architecture.

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Molossia’s whole architectural aesthetic is a smaller simpler scale with wooden structures and details. Kevin Baugh has thought of everything for his country and could almost be used as a roadmap for building fantasy towns. Besides his residence, the Molossia estate has other houses for its citizens across the country. Apart from the private residents, Molossia has focused on its public access spaces and the alleged government buildings. The Public spaces are mostly small courtyards with benches, pathways to walk along, a central core with stature, an outdoor place for the flag, a town hall used for hosting parties and events, and sometimes even a ball. The government building or official buildings are the presidents of Molossia’s government office, the bank, and the post office – it also has a large campsite, a flagpole, and a bridge over what could be the smallest creek in the world. They also have a trading company but since this is a country inspired by movies and fantasy, the trading company is a glorified gift shop for tourists. And they do have a lot of tourists, children, teenagers, and adults flock to visit Molossia every year. They attend the balls, the founder’s day, and the games – running races, costume parties, etc. All these buildings are made from wood, structurally and aesthetically. The pattern is followed throughout the country and establishes an essence of synchronization and cohesiveness throughout the republic of Molossia.

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The red square, which in Molossia is the public face is where most of the government offices are housed. It also has a Tiki bar and Grill with an outdoor patio and place to eat, though sometimes the place follows its theme of play country has human-sized dolls balancing across the bar, and the seats, and pretending to serve other dolls. It also has a peace pole, a water tank system, and a telephone system – all a requirement in a successful country, a feat Molossia has tried to mimic and achieve as much as possible.

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Out of all the places in Molossia, the fan favourite should be ‘The Norton Park’. Before Molossia renovated the estate to establish a country – the land was barren and dry – thanks to Nevada’s extreme climate of a scorching hot summer and a cold harsh winter. Kevin Baugh renovated the estate filling it with local fauna and converting it into a lush park filled with trees, a pathway, and even a vineyard. The best feature of the park and maybe even the country of Molossia, however, must be Molossia’s railway station. The railway station is a miniature model of the country of Molossia with one small change – it’s reimagined with a railway. The station has various stops, miniature people, and a toll booth – each aspect intricately and laser-focused on details. This spot is a must-stop for everyone who visits Molossia and a place every adult and child can relive a fantasy of owning a large train set.

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Winter Wonderland.

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If all this wasn’t enticing enough to want to move and live in Molossia, the winter will be a game changer. When the snow falls and the crisp Molossia air turns cold, the country becomes even more magical. It looks like a still shot from a Hallmark movie or an elf town seen in children’s movies. Kevin Baugh has captured the charm of an old American town and the enchantment of cookie dough currency, fake railways, and a picturesque nation in the form of Molossia. While it may have been done as a whim, a gag, or even ironically – this almost utopian self-declared nation begins to question what would happen if everyone would start self-governing their nations, how architecture can elevate this into a community and inclusivity, because if this was a joke- Nevada seems to be in on it, having the president of Molossia and his first lady to ride along during the Nevada parade. Molossia seems to have successfully taken on an identity of its own becoming a ‘model’ country every child seemed to have dreamed of, growing up with storybook towns in books and cartoons. A real-life enchantment.   

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