Since the day Hermione first happened to meet us in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, many of us have been captivated by Hermione Granger’s intellect, fascinated by her courage, and inspired by her loyalty to fairness including those she recognises as family. Hermione is a personality who courageously pursues truth, ethics, and virtues. She is eager to research and consider taking on the most difficult challenges, and her mind-boggling memory can make even some of the most seasoned procrastinators want to get back to work!

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But What If?

Hermione Granger is not just one of the best characters in the Harry Potter series but is also one of the greatest characters in all of literature.

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JK Rowling has developed a deep, compassionate, smart, and emotionally mature figure in Harry Potter. Hermione is a lot of things, and many would always think of her as a character who touched their youth. But have you ever wondered what if Hermione went on to become an architect? How would her individuality translate to architecture? What kind of structures would she design?


Hermione is a “mudblood,” a non-magical person who was born and nurtured in a household of “muggles.” Hermione’s agony when she is treated badly because of her blood is palpable throughout the series. Hermione sheds tears and her expression reveals she is hurt, yet she never expresses shame for where she comes from.

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This is motivating to me since the distinction between “purebloods” and “muggle-borns” is analogous to real-world concerns such as racism, misogyny, and socioeconomic position. Hermione’s background taught her to be sympathetic to real-world situations and to be willing to help anyone, no matter who they were. While designing, it is critical for an architect to fulfill the client’s needs as well as the necessities of the future users of the area. As an architect, this attribute would most likely make her more empathetic to people’s needs, and she would have a better awareness of and eye for societal problems.


Perfectionists are normal among hardworking souls, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing; it has helped Hermione get so far in existence.

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She’s always stressed out because she obsesses over details, redoes things until they’re perfect, beats herself up over blunders, and picks on those that do not live up to her preconceptions. As a result, as an architect, she would have probably been detail-oriented in her work and her designs would have been intricate.

Independence and Knowledge

Hermione Granger’s independence is prominent among her numerous qualities. She utilizes a “time turner” quite often in her third year to go back in time and take extra classes than she could in a routine.

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She has strong opinions and is not hesitant to express them. She protects, entertains, and educates herself rather than relying on others. As an architect, she would be much ahead of the curve, possibly coming up with novel ideas that others would have overlooked. She would also have questioned and advocated against several shortcomings in our architecture community.


This is yet again demonstrated at school and in a variety of other settings. When Hermione sets her mind on something, she doesn’t give up until she achieves it. She stood beside Harry in the struggle against He Who Must Not Be Named.

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She rose through the ranks of S.P.E.W., becoming a picture-perfect, Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and Minister for Magic. In addition, she marries the love of her life! Furthermore, as an architect, meeting project deadlines is a top priority, and Hermione would be perhaps one of the most determined architects.


Hermione was perhaps the most brilliant witch of her era. There are multiple reasons to adore Hermione Granger, but it was her unapologetic, powerful portrayal of female empowerment that established her place as one of the best things to come out of the Harry Potter franchise.

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This, along with her undeniable quality of fighting for what is right, reminds me of architects like Zaha Hadid, who in 2013, strongly questioned the UK’s “misogynist” mindset toward women architects.

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Furthermore, her perfectionist tendencies have led her to be detail-oriented, making her relatable to architects such as Renzo Piano, who is noted for his delicate and refined approach to architecture. An architect who has made a significant contribution in the field of architecture by demonstrating mastery of craft as well as a keen understanding of innovation and approach.


Many of Hermione’s attributes would have complimented her being an architect, probably making her a one-of-a-kind, detail-oriented, skilled, knowledgeable, bold, yet empathetic architect. One may also conjure up visual imagery of her resemblances to bold architects such as Zaha Hadid and the master of his craft, Renzo Piano. Hermione’s designs may or may not have looked like them, but their works may have inspired her, and as an ambitious person, she would have aspired to become more and above.

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Potterheads, like Hermione Granger, haven’t surrendered to a mystery. Because of the rich plots full of red herrings and consistent mythology, the series has always encouraged speculation.

The above was my version of rethinking one of our favorite characters, Hermione Granger, as an architect, with predictions based on my perspective. Although the qualities were similar to the books, there is always the opportunity to let your imagination go wild and rethink the future in the world of storytelling, just as it is in the world of architecture. So, what do you think Hermione as an architect would have been like?



Shirley is an architecture student with an interest in sustainable design. She believes that as designers we must not only wisely design for people, but also share our ideas, thoughts, and vision with the community to make the beautiful nuances of architecture accessible to all.