Many new and interesting personalities have gained popularity since the pandemic kicked in. One of the YouTube vloggers who have succeeded to get appreciation since then is Llyan Austria – an architect and vlogger from the Philippines. His full name is Llyan Oliver Austria and the YouTuber has two accounts, with the handles Llyan Austria created in 2012 with 691K subscribers and 94,151,393 views till now – and a second account with the handle Oliver Austria with 2.24M subscribers since 2019 with 26,323,651 views. 

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During the lockdown, Llyan’s views and subscriptions on his YouTube channel improved momentously. “Architect reacts to big brain workers 2” is the most-viewed content on his channel “Llyan Austria”. In the video, he reacted to construction workers and how they worked in an interesting way saving loads of time! It was uploaded last April 3, 2020, and currently has more than 4 million views. His reaction videos to homes of online celebrities, insights into architecture and construction sites along with his funny and friendly commentary have made him popular today.

“…an amazing YouTuber that I found who has saved me countless hours of stress and will continue to help me in my studious future. I’ve been following Llyan for a year now and I have zero regrets!”

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Who is Llyan Austria? 

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Llyan Oliver Austria is an architect, a vlogger, a creator, a skater, and a musician. His YouTube videos contain impressive life-hacks for the students of architecture, virtual tours, informative lessons, his own backstories and experiences in the field of architecture, and other exciting tips and tricks. Even people who are not students of architecture have reportedly admitted to admiring his videos and vlogs for his ground-breaking ideas and creative sense of humor. Llyan currently has more than 691K subscribers on his Youtube channel “Llyan Austria” with more than 94 million views.

About the Pinoy Architect 

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What an ARCHITECT’S STUDIO Looks Like ©YouTube

Llyan Austria is popularly known as the “Pinoy Architect” on the world of YouTube. Ever since the global pandemic, his viewers and subscribers have been on the rise.  He has his signature expression saying “Mad dudes!” calls his followers the “Mah Dudes Army”. Llyan revealed in one of his videos that it took him seven years to complete his degree as he was an irregular student and failed in some of his subjects. Nevertheless, he did rank fifth in the Architect Licensure Exam of 2016, achieving a grade of 81.5 percent.

How is it inside a Pokeball?

Since Llyan Austria was a kid, there have been a lot of curious questions haunting him all the time. The one mystery that used to keep him up at night was – “What is inside a Pokeball?” i.e. Pikachu’s home. 

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Imagine what’s inside a Pokeball ©@llyanoliver on Instagram

Out of curiosity, Llyan designed a high-end fancy house for Pikachu Inside a Pokeball, making it so cozy and comfortable that Pikachu would never want to leave the Pokeball. It contains a central transparent elevator where Pikachu is caught and the floors have no railings since Pikachu is used to jump over 20ft in the air.

Is his Channel an “Inspirational Boost” for Architecture Students?

Along with the successful vlogs and videos, Llyan Austria has gathered a good audience and has inspired others to create their own reaction videos. In his most recent video showing the people’s reception about the success and influence of Llyan, a viewer Maire commented, “When professionals talk passionately about their profession and educate people about it, they deserve all the success they get like Sir Oliver.”

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Angela Badiola, an architecture student from the University of the Philippines was asked for a reaction on Llyan’s videos, where she said, “The construction part of the reviews is really helpful to students like me because studying about it, in theory, is different from seeing the actual thing.” During the pandemic with no opportunities to visit construction sites for real, Llyan’s virtual site visits through his amusing videos surely clarify architectural students with knowledge.

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ARCHITECT Builds a HOUSE with LEGO © YouTube

Llyan Austria is not only a creator but also a fun educator. His down-to-earth behavior and reactions drawn out of his own experiences over the years make people watch his videos and subscribe to his channel to know more about basic information about architecture, construction, and design. There is always something new to learn from most of his creations. Apart from his knowledge, Llyan has also earned fame as a passionate content creator as seen from the fine quality of his videos. His video editing skills are striking to the viewers as well. 

One of his viewers Beejay Juan wrote, “He’s an architect. Well-versed in editing videos. Very keen on details. Very articulate,” which proves that fans and subscribers get impressed by Llyan’s editing skills too. To sum it up, Llyan Austria is an inspiration to the young generation with his feel-good content, which motivates us to reach for our goals. Flying peace!


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