BlessedArch is the brainchild of a young enthusiast, passionate about architecture, pioneering the Indian market of digital content creation across multiple social media platforms.  It was created by Rishabh Wadhwa, a recent graduate from Manipal University Jaipur, who has been on an incredibly inspiring journey creating content related to architecture on social media relevant and relatable to all architecture students and the fraternity at large. 

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Introduction to BlessedArch

I was introduced to his Youtube channel in my first year of architecture college and had realized what a dearth there was of knowledge and discussion of architecture in the format that he was creating it in. 

Youtube has innumerable videos about relatable experiences of many career paths but little to none with respect to architecture. An Indian student would furthermore make it an even smaller minority. Rishabh, however, was brave enough to dip his toes into this territory that lay untouched and geographically uncharted. 

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BlessedArch’s- Stages of Growth

Rishabh experimented with a variety of content to understand what gained maximum traction and the videos which worked well all seemed to pack meaty content related to architecture. Once he realized this he focused majorly on producing content that educated and spread knowledge about architecture, picking up topics that were currently being taught in the schools making it an even bigger fan favourite. He kept his videos short but crisp all the while forging an amazing little community under the alias of BlessedArch that was growing hungrier by the minute for the kind of content that he was consistently producing all the while balancing an all-consuming course which the entire lot of us are a part of.  

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The Evolution of BlessedArch

The kind of information along with the quality of videos evolved over time. In a couple of years, he managed to produce well-researched data that was lapped up by his audience including myself as soon as I laid eyes on them. He had also begun to diversify over various social media platforms namely Youtube and Instagram increasing his reach and garnering popularity slowly but steadily. 

BlessedArch grew in more ways than one as Instagram allowed him to present content in a manner that increased engagement through the features provided within the platform. Rishabh’s introduction of one-minute videos full of facts and trivia drew on large audiences playing a big role in amplifying his reach whilst whetting his appetite at the same time.

BlessedArch Collaborations 

Just like in the field, collaborative endeavours always end in meaningful exchanges-and thus Rishabh concocted a series of interviews with eminent architects probing and prodding them to discuss over a segment of energetic reciprocity questions prepared by him related to their journeys and philosophies opening up a Pandora’s Box of knowledge and guidance sought by many. 

His interviews with architects working in some of the most successful firms such as The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), Foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects gave him credibility, exhibiting just how far he had come. Explicit questions regarding their career trajectories that landed them in such highly esteemed offices pried open a window into their lives allowing us to comprehend and unearth questions that would otherwise

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BlessedArch’s most recent segment

BlessedArch’s most recent segment includes portfolio reviews which directly and indirectly benefits so many viewers, tapping into some of the highest areas of demand as understood very deftly by Rishabh via his thorough research. 

He gets highly experienced architects from Starchitect firms such as Viviano Villarreal-Bueron and Mariana Cabugueira from OMA and Zaha Hadid respectively to review them, helping us get a basic understanding of how firms assess portfolios, right from how much time they actually spend on it to what is frowned upon and what is expected of them. Content like this has worked phenomenally well at creating awareness and engagement in multiple layers across students and professionals across the globe.

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The Global Nature of BlessedArch 

Despite being founded by an Indian student the content produced by Rishabh has never limited itself based on area or locality. BlessedArch offers a chance for people worldwide to understand and learn as it covers information on a global scale. 

Collaborating with architects on global level fuels the cause creating a wider reach and scope; unifying the community across nations, even continents. 

Key Insights into BlessedArch and Its Creator

What is most admirable about the person behind it all is that he has led me to believe in pursuing what needn’t necessarily be mainstream architecture. His choice of combining his passion for content creation with his love for architecture has given me and many others such as me the scope for talking about architecture in a way that makes it more commonplace and flexible. 

It got me thinking about opportunities in architecture, leading me to write this very piece, pursuing a line outside of what the university dictates is possible within the frames of this industry.

Apart from becoming an influencer in his own capacity what has been constant through it all and in my opinion, one of the foremost reasons for his success is the energy with which he approaches his audience. It is infectious and captivating, making him a perfect fit for the role he wishes to play. Passion oozes out of him when in front of the camera and that is solely what has kept him driven even when off the camera, making him super successful in this utterly indulgent creative endeavour that we all reckon with. 


Meghna Sanyal is a final year student of architecture. She is an absolute conversationalist and finds happiness in the process of translating that into written verse. She aims to demystify the subject of architecture by making it more accessible to everyone through her writing.