Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect, founder of Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen, New York, and Beijing. He is known for his groundbreaking construction projects, which aim to contradict traditional architectural principles. His architecture is a blend of living, recreation, and working discovery. His job focuses on the smallest information that occurs inside the “big picture.”At a time when many architects are only starting to distinguish themselves in professional practice, Ingels has already won several competitions and gained a degree of critical acclaim that is rare among new names in the industry.

Interviews with Architects: Bjarke Ingels: Architecture should be more like Minecraft - Sheet1
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Ingels wants nothing more than to make the impossible possible. From ski slopes and power stations and man-made mountains with vehicles, his job speaks for itself.

He’s known for his “Worldcraft” idea. Follow the link to know more about this idea. (

Bjarke Ingels assumes that architecture is the art and science of ensuring that our communities and structures blend in with the way we want to live our lives.

In 2014, Bjarke Ingels described his concept of Wildcraft through a video which he submitted as a part of Future of Storytelling. In this video, Bjarke Ingels, founder of the architectural firm Large, describes his philosophy of “Worldcraft”. He described worldcraft as a world where our intelligence and technologies do not restrict us but allow us to transform our dreams into inhabitable spaces and turn fiction into reality. He resembles the architecture with the game Minecraft and added how people are associated with the environment and the way through which they can transform their dreams into reality.

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Architecture should be more like Minecraft ©Youtube

The documentary begins with a blank canvas, where the renowned architect Bjarke Ingels spreads his knowledge of architecture through drawings on a canvas. He discusses how documentaries are related to the documentation of the real world and how fantasies are linked to the future world that we wish to create. The way we, as an architect, transform people’s visions into reality, but apart from this architecture is a canvas of life stories.

He moreover showered light on the monotonous pattern which has been followed in the architecture nowadays, that is becoming boring. Instead of adopting the conventional architecture pattern of reaffirming the status quo, Ingels prefers to take a variety of attractive elements together.

Cities, to Ingels, are never complete; they merely grow over time, although it has a starting no end, with every new addition, the value is added to a place, the place always waits for a new language to move in.

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Architecture should be more like Minecraft ©Youtube

He started the video with how he came across the reality of today’s architecture from people around him. He remembered at first, many people asked him why new buildings are so boring and are not as iconic as the old ones. He then clarified how people’s visions of architecture now appear to be focused on the past.

Older buildings are often simply pieces of art, yet modern ones are all of space-they are utilitarian yet not aesthetically stunning stuff. In his view, contemporary architecture has been all about preserving the status quo and not thinking big or inventing what could happen next. This was the moment when he decided to change this. 

He compares this creation to the perfect home of a fictitious character in the 2010 film Inception, a film in which architects create imaginative worlds within people’s dreams. How in a dream the hero’s wife wanted to live in a highrise building with a garden and added how it is easy in a dream but not in the real world.

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Architecture should be more like Minecraft ©Youtube

The story included his project “The Mountain” in Copenhagen, a residential block with integrated parking. The architecture incorporates “a man-made mountain of cars” that makes it possible to transform a stack of homes into a cascade of houses with gardens. The next example was “court-scraper”, a rectangular-shaped skyscraper with a courtyard. 

In his projects, he tries to explain that we don’t need to hold on to a single idea, we can come up with good ideas with combinations. It continued with another project  Waste-to-Energy power plant in Copenhagen, a building combining a ski slope with a power plant. BjarkeIngels was able to transform what is usually called a “dirty neighbor” into a public space and generate electricity through it. 

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Architecture should be more like Minecraft ©Youtube

Via his job, he is attempting to replicate in the real world what many players are trying to do in video games like Minecraft. Ingels implies that architecture is an opportunity for real-life, fantastic world-building.

The concept put forward by Ingels is that architecture should make it possible for the constituent entity to form its environment. I think this is a positive move forward in establishing the populist, humanizing policy of the architecture of Large. 

Architecture, he believes, needs to become “Worldcraft”. It’s got to be the art of making our universe, to turn fantasy into reality.


Divya Singh Rathore is a graduate in Architecture who believes in learning through exploration. For her, architecture is creative freedom and a way to connect to the people. She wants to amalgamate her passion for writing with her architectural practice and share it with the world.

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