The Case Study of Vanitas translated from Vanitas no Carte ( ヴァニタスの手記 )  is a second manga series by mangaka Jun Mochizuki launched in December 2015 and published monthly in Gangan Joker Magazine. Later it was adapted as an Anime series in 2021 by Studio BONES airing in two parts from the summer of 2021 to the spring of 2022. The series timeline is in 19th century Paris, around the two protagonists, a human and a vampire. The genre of the series is Dark Fantasy, Supernatural and Steampunk.

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Cover of Volume 1 of The Case Study of Vanitas_Jun Mochizuki

A Guide to Series

The Story starts when a young vampire named Noé, is commissioned by his Teacher to search for the mythical book called “The Vanitas Grimoire” or the Book of Vanitas. This Book has the power to heal Red Blood Vampires from a disease called Malnomen, which causes them to behave predatorily against their will. This Book is connected to the original Vanitas, the vampire born in Blue Moon, hated by the Red Moon Vampires who are present in the traditional Vampire Society.

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Vantias and Noé_Jun Mochizuki

At the start of the Story, the audience is introduced to the Protagonist, Noé while on an airship ride to Paris where he meets Vanitas, a human who is the current owner of the Book of Vanitas and goes around healing the vampires infected with Malnomen. Later, they both team up and embark on an adventure filled with supernatural creatures and uncover dark secrets about the Vampire’s world. As they delve deeper into their investigation, Noé and Vanitas encounter various characters with unique abilities and backgrounds. They face dangerous enemies while trying to understand the truth behind the curse affecting vampires.

The Setting of the Series

The series mostly takes place in Paris, France, and spans two seasons with 12 episodes each. Some other locations in the series are Gévaudan, a rural area in France. The main inspiration for this setting was derived when the mangaka Jun Mochizuki got the opportunity to visit Paris, which was her first time visiting abroad. Mesmerised by the beauty of Paris, she decided to set the plot in 19th-century Paris. She chose the setting of 19th-century Paris because she was inspired by the classic detective duo Sherlock and Watson.

The setting as can be seen is before the building of Effiel Tower, with the strong influence of the Steampunk style. This style was a personal preference of the Mangaka as she was attracted towards it. It is generally seen in the interiors and the other elements that don’t interfere with the beauty of classical Paris. The existence of airships is a strong showcase of the Steampunk style that directly resembles the industrial style in Architecture.

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Airship in the Series_BONES Inc.

Other than this, the styles present in the series are primarily Baroque, Rorocco and Gothic which are already prevalent in Paris. The Baroque influence in Paris, such as the Palace of Versailles and The Louvre, is reflected in their interior design. The series also has an uneventful setting of scenes set in underground Catacombs. Some of the scenes portray the skyline of the city covered with Blue coloured Gable Roof with smoke coming out from the Chimneys. Another place in which Vampires live freely in the series is the alternate World portraying the fairytale world with the big palace.

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Skyline of Paris in Series_BONES Inc.
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Skyline of the Vampire World_BONES Inc.

Architectural Marvels

Given that the series is set in Paris, which has many architectural marvels, this is a given. Many Architectural Marvels are portrayed in excellent style in Anime. Though we get to see some glimpses of these Marvels, it is Beautiful. Most of the series takes place on the streets of Paris and Interior spaces and sometimes on Rooftops. The places portrayed are mixed up with the Steampunk styles and a feel of a Supernatural Story. Some of the places portrayed in Anime are:

The Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is situated on the Place de l’Etoile above the Champs-Elysées, the world’s most beautiful avenue. It was completed in 1836 under Emperor Napoleon I to commemorate his victory at Austerlitz.

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The Arc de Triomphe_BONES Inc.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

It is one of the most visited places in Paris and the World’s Famous Catherdral which portrays the strong influence of Gothic Architecture. It was completed in 1345 and almost took two centuries to complete.

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Norte Dame Catherdral_BONES Inc.

Louvre Museum

With more than 35,000 exhibits in an area of 60,000 square meters, the Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and a visit you can’t miss when in Paris.

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Interior of The Lourve Museum_BONES Inc.

Sainte Chapelle

The Catherdral was older than the Norte Dame and located close to it completed in 1248 by King Louis IX to store Christ Relics. This is one of the best executed Gothic-style Chapel in Interiors that is generally overlooked by its exteriors.

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Interior of Sainte Chapelle_BONES Inc.

Palais Garnier

Also known as the Opéra Garnier is an Opera House that has a seating capacity of 1979 seats. It was built for the Paris Opera from 1861 to 1875 at the behest of Emperor Napoleon III.

Interior of Palais Garnier_BONES Inc.

As a whole, the series pays respect to the Grandeur style of Paris with a suitable representation of it. It became possible due to Mangaka Jun Mochizuki’s sudden visit to Paris. Her eyes were mesmerized by the beauty of Paris which led her to set her Manga in Paris which is an uncommon practice for Mangaka. The whole series portrays the interior and the exteriors of the Architectural Marvels with a theme placed in the 19th century and also implements Steampunk. The series is a must-watch for Paris Lovers and also those who indulge in vampire stories as it gives a different perspective towards them.


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