Peckham Glass Box is a contemporary extension of a Victorian terrace home, located in London, UK.

Our client needed to extend the home to make room for their young family, by adding a side and rear extension it offered the additional living space they needed on the ground floor.

Project Name: Peckham Glass Box
Studio Name: Unagru Architecture Urbanism

Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 2
Location: Greater London, United Kingdom
Photography: Attilio Fiumarella

Peckham Glass Box By Unagru Architecture Urbanism  - Sheet1
©Attilio Fiumarella

We introduced glazing to make the interior as bright as possible. Often a rear extension makes the middle of the house dark and uninviting, additional the existing house had a very low ceiling internally, making it feel dark and claustrophobic, bringing light into the home was a critic aspect of the design.

Peckham Glass Box By Unagru Architecture Urbanism  - Sheet3
©Attilio Fiumarella

The side extension takes the home up to the party wall, transforming the once dank, underused outside space into an internal, open plan dining area for the family to enjoy with a large skylight overhead.

Peckham Glass Box By Unagru Architecture Urbanism  - Sheet4
©Attilio Fiumarella

The rear extension is designed as a contemporary, frameless glass box, this achieves maximum brightness and connectivity with the garden.

Peckham Glass Box By Unagru Architecture Urbanism  - Sheet6
©Attilio Fiumarella

The space has been completed with bespoke, low level, window seats following the line of the box. This offers a place to sit and enjoy the space, it also is designed as additional storage which is essential for a young family.  ​


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