Constructed near the Habitat of Royal Bengal Tigers. This was a Redesigning and repurposing project for AAGAUR.

Area- 934.8 sqft
Year- 2021 November
Architect- Tapas Upadhyay

Tigergarh Resort, Dining hall by Aagaur Studio - Sheet3
©Aagaur Studio

We have used the old debris for creating mosaic flooring of the dining hall, we wanted this to be creative section of the resort rather than just a regular dining hall, so we created a circular structure with openings design of arches, Yes arches are one of the main focus of this space, because the windows, doors and even in the interiors we have incorporated arches. The entrance where there’s a small bridge has corbelling which supports the arch, this was a bit of a creative challenge that we did and it turned out to be the focal point.

Tigergarh Resort, Dining hall by Aagaur Studio - Sheet6
©Aagaur Studio

For the Ceiling we knew we wanted a dome like structure but for the material we used Bamboo mats on the intrados and Mangalore tiles (kaprail) on the outside. We have also incorporated glass bottles for the fanlight part of the window also to create a screen like partition near the washroom, we were quite sceptical about this but once it was finished it just added the element that was missing from the structure.

Tigergarh Resort, Dining hall by Aagaur Studio - Sheet7
©Aagaur Studio

This Dining hall is not only sustainable but also an example of being creative with materials.


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