After living abroad for a long time, the couple in their 60s searched for a plot of land similar to the one overlooking the Mediterranean Sea where they had lived before returning to Japan, and planned a house to be their final home.

Architects : Taichi Nishishita architect & associate
Location : Ehime Japan
Site Area : 743.72㎡
Floor Space : 138.56㎡ (housing|119.00㎡)(car port|19.56㎡)
Project Year : 2021
Photographs : Hirokazu Fujimura

House in Zenouji by Taichi Nishishita architect & associate - Sheet4
©Hirokazu Fujimura

The house is located in the suburbs surrounded by rice paddies and on a gentle slope with a view of the sea in the distance. Based on the desire to place a variety of furniture, we aimed to create an architecture that blends in with the surrounding landscape while incorporating the view, making the most of the location.

House in Zenouji by Taichi Nishishita architect & associate - Sheet7
©Hirokazu Fujimura

The interior was designed to be a white porcelain vessel to receive the living space, and the first priority was to create a neutral state. The walls and ceilings were kept to a minimum to create a neat and tidy space. We had full confidence that the client would be able to create a beautiful space with his way of living.

House in Zenouji by Taichi Nishishita architect & associate - Sheet9
©Hirokazu Fujimura

The LDK has a large opening on the ocean side, creating a space in which the interior and the view seem to be one. A relaxed and peaceful time flows through the space.


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