Sleeep boutique is luxury bedding and gifting Décor brand owned by the ITC Group of hotels offering an exquisite range of pillows, bedding and bed linen – curated for comfort and a good night slumber. The initial client’s brief was to design a luxury retail space to escape everyday life and yet make it feel really comfortable. Comfortable Luxury was the question which needed to be answered by the design approach. Thus, art blends with design to create retail story telling for Sleeep.

Project Name: Sleeep Boutique
Location: Main Lobby, ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi
Date Completion: February 2023
Architect/ Designer: Nomita Sawhney, Abhishek Rustagi; Design By Meta (
Graphics and Art Installations: Gulabo Design (
Interiors Fit-Out: MNS Interio
Photography: Visuary

Sleep Boutique by Design By Meta - Sheet2

Dreaming allows the escape into another realm. The proposed design allows this possibility to enter this reality, with fluid sensuous forms in scripted patterns of metal, glass and wood. Soft edges and repetitive waves which mimic our journey to a state of deep sleep express the forms in the design of the space. When one dreams, there is always a state of reaching a deep state of relaxation and mindful resting. Inspiring from the wave motion of REM sleep cycle, the design embarks on an exploration of lines and waves as the key foundation of our concept.

Sleep Boutique by Design By Meta - Sheet5

The waves denote the mood of rest and relaxation. They also convey a symbolic expression of dreams, comfort and a meditative state of mind. Sleeep boutique enters an endless stretch of idyllic pastures that pretend to be clouds and winds down on earth. A blossom of flowers floats around as one walks through this dream sequence, when the customer enters the store. The plateau of this emotion can also be depicted by warm golden hues. Pure white light with sparkly crystals which metaphorically transcends can also be viewed as a depiction of the stars or the other world. The ceiling with golden paint, mirrored panelling and crystal chandeliers evokes this emotion in the design.

Sleep Boutique by Design By Meta - Sheet8

The expressions of design communication for Visual Merchandising, is a story telling connected to these waves of sleep. The window display sculptures express the meditative trance of the Buddha, enter an emotive journey around the experience of sleep. It is then, that Sleep boutique becomes an expression of art and emotion. The large window sculpture inspires from this meditative expression of relaxation to create a form of resting enclosed eyes of a calm portrait in golden metal. The store is an art gallery exhibiting the creativity of art around sleep, dream and rest. The same is portrayed in bold and free flowing explorations in ink on paper, of the various meditative and relaxing forms of women in sleep and rest.


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