About Sotogrande, we talk about the design of a new plant housing conceived in place, carved slowly, with the sea, natural light, garden, and the landscape as references.

PROJECT NAME: Villa San Diego, Sotogrande
STUDIO NAME: Alejandro Giménez Architects
DESIGN TEAM: Alejandro Giménez
OFFICE WEBSITE: www.alejandrogimenez.net
BUILT AREA:  1070 m2
PROJECT LOCATION: Sotogrande, Cadiz, España
YEAR:  2010
Photography Credits: Alejandro Gimenez

Villa San Diego By Alejandro Giménez Architects - Sheet5
©Alejandro Gimenez

We have designed this villa taking care of every detail, using local and natural materials to create a contemporary architecture that gets from the Mediterranean Architecture all the inspiration. We create an architecture with roots, an architecture linked to the place where the Andalusian tradition plays with the contemporary keeping its soul.

Villa San Diego By Alejandro Giménez Architects - Sheet6
©Alejandro Gimenez

For the villas, we always work with the aim of getting a clear relationship between the outdoor and interior spaces. Working in this point, we play with the volumes which come from the outside to the inside or large windows which links terraces, gardens, or courtyards with the inner part of the house. We work to stand out the views introducing the natural light of the South of Spain in every space of the house.

With lots of details, ranging from spaces with high and sloping ceilings to the disposal of the pool, halfway between pool and fountain, completely linked to the housing through shared wall of which a water curtain falls, which makes possible enjoying it from the inside.

Villa San Diego By Alejandro Giménez Architects - Sheet7
©Alejandro Gimenez

In the same way lighting has been carefully treated, always indirect and gradual, with lights embedded in the walls, which are completely hidden.

Three natural materials have been combined: wood, clay and whitewashed walls, all with the intention of creating suggestive contrasts and make a reconciliation exercise between the vernacular and the modern.

Villa San Diego By Alejandro Giménez Architects - Sheet8
©Alejandro Gimenez

As well as the walls, it has also been applied lime inside the pool to provide to water a very special color.


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