A project that arose from a particular set of pre-existing circumstances.

1) The orientation of the site is diagonal in respect of a northerly aspect. As such, the requirement to manage solar ingress is made slightly less straight forward.
2) The clients have a quantity of recycled bricks, salvaged with their own labour. Not enough to build an entire floor, but a requirement to incorporate somewhere.
3) The block enjoys city views exist at high level.
4) Privacy issues exist from overlooking neighbours to the NW.
5) He is an extrovert. She is an introvert.

Project Name: Corlett
Studio Name: Second Avenue Alterations + Additions
Location: Perth, Australia
Photography: Roger D’Souza
Project size: 200 m2
Site size: 519 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building Levels: 2

Second Avenue Alterations + Additions By Philip Stejskal - Sheet1
Kitchen ©Roger D’Souza

The result is an addition that is separated from the existing cottage by a ‘brick link’ that creates pause between the two built elements — both spatial and chronological — and allows us to tailor to the quantity of available salvaged bricks.

Second Avenue Alterations + Additions By Philip Stejskal - Sheet2
Front View ©Roger D’Souza

The addition consists of a timber-framed block (cost constraints) which is heavily carved into from its northern point, going west, creating a deep reveal that protects glazing from the summer sun.The timber skeleton that remains along these edges is fitted with fins and and battens to act as sun and privacy control. Vegetation will be allowed to engulf this structure over time — connecting the garden and roof terrace.

Second Avenue Alterations + Additions By Philip Stejskal - Sheet3
Fireplace ©Roger D’Souza

The roof terrace is positioned and curtailed in response to overlooking restrictions, yet manages to achieve an optimal orientation nonetheless, toward the CBD.An airy and light-filled extension with a focus on the verdant garden and borrowed vegetation further afield.


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