In the heart of Mumbai, tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle, there’s a home that embodies the true spirit of design and innovation. The idea that the essence of every masterpiece lies in the hands of its creator was beautifully reflected in the approach of a young, well-traveled couple. This duo, enriched by their global adventures and refined taste, had a deep understanding of the significant impact that skilled craftsmanship can have in turning a home into a masterpiece.

Project Name- Urban Elegance
Studio Name-Banaji & Associates
Location- Dadar, Mumbai
Area- 3000 Sq Ft
Design Team- Ar. Jamshed Banaji & Ar. Nirmala Banaji
Initiation date- April 2022
Completion date- March 2023

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©Banaji & Associates

With this understanding, the couple sought the expertise of Banaji & Associates, an architectural firm known for its innovation and excellence. Entrusting their vision to these skilled creators, the couple embarked on a collaborative journey to bring life to their new home. The result is a residence that seamlessly blends the couple’s personal experiences, worldly insights, and refined taste with the transformative power of design ingenuity.

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©Banaji & Associates

More than just a place to live, the dwelling  becomes an embodiment of the couple’s unique story, etched into the walls and design elements that shape their living space. It stands as a beautiful expression of the harmony between inspired creators and the ability of design to breathe life and character into spaces.

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©Banaji & Associates

Upon entering the duplex through the private lobby on the eighth floor, one witnesses the unfolding of a transformative journey as the door swings open, revealing the raw canvas of the residence. The living room and its adjoining dining area, featuring a balcony, seamlessly unveil a synthesis of comfort and style. Plush sofas, positioned atop a superfine rug, guide visitors to an expansive dining space, where an eight-seater table, crowned with a customized square glass top, commands attention. The transition between the living and dining areas is meticulously delineated by a combination of wood and onyx bar area, setting the stage for an exquisite amber bell chandelier. In this thoughtfully curated, the soft glow of the lighting fixture adds an extra layer of sophistication, creating an inviting atmosphere where every element effortlessly coalesces.

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©Banaji & Associates

On the left side of this area lies the master bedroom, equipped with two walk-in wardrobes and an adjoining master bathroom. Across from it is the master suite, which includes a study and a separate bathroom. The master bathroom, designed as a spacious sanctuary, seamlessly combines elegance with functionality. A floating basin counter, showcasing modern luxury, defies gravity through its minimalist design. Natural light and the opulent Armani brown marble engage in a visually striking interplay, creating a captivating contrast. The study, embodying sophistication and practicality, invites both intellectual pursuits and moments of leisurely indulgence.

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©Banaji & Associates

Beyond its utilitarian role, the kitchen emerges as a haven of beauty, graced by sunlight that delicately caresses its surfaces. A division between the kitchen and an adjacent external window forms a drying balcony, granting access to the servant’s room and toilet. Across from the bar area, a staircase descends to the seventh floor, accommodating two bedrooms with individual bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. Clad in beige travertine marble and Burberry beige marble, the staircase showcases meticulous precision and artistic flair. In the foyer of the seventh-floor staircase, a door opens to the outside, while a generously-sized mirrored storage cupboard doubles as a decorative mural wall.

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©Banaji & Associates

In the heart of this Mumbai duplex, design and artistry manifest in every corner and niche. Bathed in serene hues, it transforms beyond a typical residence into a masterpiece—a journey defined by elegance, functionality, and inventive design. It serves as a testament to the profound impact of design, turning the commonplace into the extraordinary. Each room weaves a distinct tale, contributing to the broader narrative of a home that seamlessly blends artistic expression, practicality, and tranquility. Within these walls, design rises above the ordinary, inviting inhabitants to immerse themselves in a space where creativity, aesthetics, and utility converge, sculpting an authentically exceptional living experience. It’s more than a dwelling; it’s a symphony of design, echoing the poetry embedded in every nook—an artistic expression that enriches the daily lives of its residents.


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