MisuraEmme, since 1902, has made an industrious and untiring contribution to “Made in Italy” values. MisuraEmme’s current industrial dimension and potential represent a strong heritage that has been built over time. A long history dedicated to a constantly evolving know-how, defining the company as an internationally-recognized Brand. Etreluxe has unveiled its latest wardrobe, called First, in India.

Project Name: Wardrobes by MisuraEmme
Studio Name: Etreluxe

Wardrobes by MisuraEmme by Etreluxe - Sheet1

The First wardrobe by MisuraEmme emerges as a design masterpiece, presenting the enduring charm of monochromatic beauty, while also recapturing the captivating clarity of glass, the playful reflections of mirrors, and the soft hues of wardrobes that expand spaces boundlessly. Marked by sleek contours and a minimalist ethos, these wardrobes emit an aura of refinement that effortlessly elevates any room they inhabit.

Wardrobes by MisuraEmme by Etreluxe - Sheet3

Each wardrobe within this collection showcases doors enriched with a breathtaking fusion of glass and metal, orchestrating an interplay of light and mirror-like reflections that infuse a touch of allure into your space. The glass panels emanate an air of openness, while the metal accents deliver a striking contrast, resulting in an unforgettable visual journey. The profile embellishments, available in a range of lacquered shades and metallic finishes, present a seamless fusion of style and utility. These exquisite additions not only enhance the visual aesthetics but also serve as practical handles, ensuring a smooth and seamless interaction with the wardrobe.


The First wardrobe has been thoughtfully designed with interior arrangements that provide ample storage solutions, simplifying organization and preserving the immaculate exterior of the wardrobes. Immerse yourself in a realm of opulence, where glass, metal, and lacquered hues converge to redefine the concept of elegance.

About Etreluxe

ETRELUXE is a luxury lifestyle company for interior spaces, making available a range of international design products on a PAN India basis. It is pronounced “AITRELUKS, its roots lie in the blend of two French words: ÊTRE (to be) and LUXE (the condition of being elegantly lavish and luxurious) and bears the translation “to be luxury” itself

Showcasing the latest in the world of design for Kitchens, Wardrobes, Furniture, Doors & Windows, etc, spread across a display area of 35,000 sq.ft. in Delhi & Mumbai and with the support of strong backend as well as frontend teams, we have designed and executed numerous projects till date and pushed the creative envelope of design and luxury to new limits.

For almost two decades now, we have presented the discerning Indian customer a careful selection of design and products from across the world that are exquisite in style and progressive in technology. We have always believed in freshness, experimenting with various designs and colors to create interest, and enhancing visual appeal.

We curate homes, defining luxury in a whole new style and with our element of elegance.


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