It is a house with a building area of up to 5000 square feet that is intended for a family of six on a land measuring 4000 square feet. The house’s architecture is dominated by straight lines that are cohesively contrasted with startling white and brown hues. The bungalow stands out in the lane since it is situated on a corner, bordered by a road on one side and an impressive 1500 square foot open-air landscape court on the other, emphasising its exclusivity. The structure is off-site because of the home’s serene appearance, which gives the impression that it is in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

Studio Name: Design Inc.
Design Team: Ar Anup Murdia, Ar Sandeep Jain,
Area: 4000 Sq Ft
Location: Udaipur
Photography Credits: Pratik Chandresha

Naman by Design Inc - Sheet4
©Pratik Chandresha

Greenery has been added to the hardscape by arranging the steps to the home with the flat, coordinated landscaping. The horizontal arrangement of grey Patari stone gives the building a floating appearance. The outside is highlighted by light-filled holes in the facade, giving it a stronger aspect.

The boundary wall that surrounds the home is made of the same materials as the house and has a comparable design. As the most traditional type of home design, straight lines and boxes have been extensively used to start projects or create depressions.

Naman by Design Inc - Sheet6
©Pratik Chandresha

Along with the visual attraction of secondary roadside elevation, the boxing of small fenestrations on a grey stone block increases the sensitivity of the climate. The landscape was created utilising acupuncture tiles with the requirements of the elderly in mind

It is a duplex with four bedrooms, a drawing room, a living room, a kitchen, and a family area on the top floor. A highlight wall made of “Ita Gold” runs across the centre of the home, where a tidy staircase connecting the duplex is perched and is surrounded by a glass and wooden railing. The main living space, which includes the dining room, is surrounded by the drawing room, kitchen, bedroom, and stairway.

The generously sized master bedroom measures 14 feet by 22 feet and has a platform bed, a dresser, a toilet, and a balcony. It is given an elegant treatment by having a wooden floor over the “Diana Italian Marble.” A protruding balcony that was topped with a glass railing provided the luxury of fresh air for the main bedroom.

Naman by Design Inc - Sheet8
©Pratik Chandresha

On the first floor, the son’s bedroom is decorated in a calming and understated shade of textured grey, which is contrasted with patterned veneer that is articulated with 4 Mm grooves and light. The combination enhances the bedroom’s tranquilly while energising the 4.5 feet yellow-orange piece of art. Simple but additional study furniture enhances the room’s amenities and capabilities.

Daughter’s room features a backlit CNC mural that is framed in wood. The essential equipment for the study table and storage facilities has been included in the design of the space used for studying. The parents’ bedroom is decorated with rope lighting all around and dark travertine fixed to the bedside. A beige colour serves as a neutral cushion for the bedhead. Niches were made and modelled after niches. The wardrobe in the room has a striking horizontal and vertical veneer contrast.

Naman by Design Inc - Sheet9
©Pratik Chandresha

Furniture is created on-site with a smooth and secure finish, according to the suitability and needs of the client. Local craftsmen created the elaborate silver foil carving on the doe-colored veneer panels that cover the doors.

About The Firm

Design inc. is a firm of experienced professionals offering comprehensive design solutions to the built environment, encompassing architecture, interior design, product design and landscape, to all the building types, including residential, weekend retreat, hotel, commercials and public buildings. The firm likes to deal with diversified practice, in order to make the atmosphere a comfortable space, dealing with urban design and urban planning.

Emphasis is laid on clients need and satisfaction, safeguarded by climate responsive design solutions. The firm was founded by two fellow architects, Sandeep Jain (B.Arch) and Anup Murdia (B.Arch, M.Plan) in 2011 and since then the firm has marked it’s presence in South Central Rajasthan.

The firm believes in creating spaces, considering certainties and un-certainties expected by users regarding utilization, environment and maintenance. The focus remains of on designing the elements line, shape, size and space in accordance with principles of design, contributing to appropriate proportion, pattern and hierarchy. The designers provide design solutions with a minimalist approach synchronized with clean details and contextual design.

Design Inc. is been guided by the principal of quality creation of surroundings, as it has direct impact on our lives, whether it is in a personal domain like a residence, or in public domain like, restaurant, road , public gathering space , etc. The designers believe every space should embark peace, pleasance and connectivity; hence, our prior objective is ‘creation with delight’ for lively environment.


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