“When I first visited this penthouse, on two levels in Monza, I was struck by the unfinished relationship between the veranda and the bright and generous terrace it overlooks”
This project stems from a need, fully shared by us, of the clients themselves: to experience the veranda and the large terrace, as the beating heart of the house at any time of the day.

Studio Name:    Arch+ Studio
Design Team:    Nicola Rovere, Roberto Corapi, Miriam Castoldi
Area:    140 mq
Year:    2020
Location:    Monza
Photography Credits:    Leonardo Duggento

Penthouse in Monza By Arch+ Studio- Sheet
©Leonardo Duggento

The main choice for the reorganization of the rooms was consequently to replace the commonly accessory spaces of the veranda with the convivial ones of the home, such as the kitchen: which is often the center and hearth of family living, a place for exchanging experiences and emotions. Functional inversion that has allowed us to fully develop the relationship with light: which invades the rooms from the large windows and is filtered, as needed, by brie-soleil.

Penthouse in Monza By Arch+ Studio- Sheet8
©Leonardo Duggento

“In all our projects we always try to pay particular attention to light and the way we want to use it”
In relation to the quality of the light, the tone of the dominant color and of the different materials have been defined.

We found the main inspiration for these choices in the studio that Paul Cézzane had used in Aix-en-Provence: because the quality of light in a painter’s workspace is a fundamental element.

Penthouse in Monza By Arch+ Studio- Sheet10
©Leonardo Duggento

We opted for a stoneware floor, and a dominant gray for walls and furnishings: a color suitable for avoiding the unpleasant reflections of pure white, and suitable for perfectly shaping the contours of objects and furnishings. This color, together with the soft and warm color of the floor, the dove-gray tones of the lower floor and other elements, was the key through which to develop, as a whole and in detail, the aesthetic impact of the interiors of this attic: of pure full light.

©Leonardo Duggento

All the other rooms of the house have been organized on the lower floor and are connected to the new living area through a linear white staircase, a well of light that anticipates the imminent brightness of the terrace and pours it into the floor below at the same time.
Arch. Nicola Rovere

Arch + Studio

Arch + Studio through dialogue interprets, with sensibility and imagination, needs and ambitions related to the themes of living, and declines them into projects. The studio expresses its vision by oscillating between place and client, between memory and contemporaneity.

Founded in 2001 by architects Roberto Corapi and Nicola Rovere, the associated studio mainly deals with architecture, interior design and regeneration of existing buildings.

Listening, dialogue and research on the subject, in constant balance between memory and contemporaneity, are the working tools that distinguish the design approach of Arch + Studio.

The two founding partners coordinate a team of collaborators and consultants, trained on the needs of each client; a multidisciplinary reality made up of a network of professionals, to guarantee a service characterized by high quality standards.


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