An ambitious new take gives this apartment renewed life. Sitting over 450 feet above the street, the clients of this apartment wanted a contemporary remodel that challenged the typical way these older apartments are usually arranged.

Project Name: E+J Apartment
Studio Name: k-da

Project size: 2500 ft2
Project Budget: $750000
Completion date: 2021
Location: New York, United States
Photography: Nick Glimenakis

E+J Apartment by k-da - Sheet1
©Nick Glimenakis
E+J Apartment by k-da - Sheet2
©Nick Glimenakis

With rich materiality and a centralized walnut volume that defines the space, we were able to transform this space, celebrate the views, and challenge the typical layouts of this traditional building.

E+J Apartment by k-da - Sheet3
©Nick Glimenakis
E+J Apartment by k-da - Sheet4
©Nick Glimenakis

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