This concerns to a reconfiguration of the original floor plan of Itamarati Building (Project: Ciro Ribeiro Pereira – 1953), regarding the future habitants, a young married couple.

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Project name: Sabá Apartment
Architectural Firm: Estúdio BRA
Email contact:
Architects in chief: André Di Gregorio / Rodrigo Maçonilio
Team: Júlia Brückmann
Location:Higienópolis/ Sao Paulo / SP / Brazil
Construction year: 2018
Area: 130sqm
Photographer: Maíra Acayaba
Photographer website:
Woodwork: Rutra Marcenaria
Lamps: Reka Iluminação
Planta: Selvvva


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1.Wooden walls: Tauarí
2.Wooden floor: Tauarí
3.Kitchen floor: Brasil Imperial

Sabá Apartment By Estúdio BRA - Sheet2

Among the three existing bedrooms, two of them have been demolished. The mainly interventions were  the removal of a utility room to relocate the new laundry. And the old one, has been change to the new kitchen. At last, the living room assumed the place from part of what had once been a kitchen, giving space to a rectangular plan.

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Sabá Apartment By Estúdio BRA - Sheet4The program organization comes from a wooden box, which includes: dormitory, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. This volume assumes a sensitive quality, once that it seems to be fitted in the previous space. Part of the box, set to the living room, has different features, among them: hidden office opened by accordion doors, support for air conditioning, coffee machine niches, a collection of handmade ceramic dishes; and finally, the doors that give access to the private part of the apartment.

Sabá Apartment By Estúdio BRA - Sheet7The wooden box as well as the parallel bookcase, made by metallic sheets, have the same height and are located in the longitudinal direction of the space. Together, they attach visual comfort because of their proportions and direct the visitor’s gaze to the treetops outside the building.

Sabá Apartment By Estúdio BRA - Sheet8

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Predicting the possibility of a future baby, the living room was demarcated in a sensitive way, including a distinct materiality in part of the floor, the burnt cement pigmented pink.

Sabá Apartment By Estúdio BRA - Sheet10In the kitchen, the cobogó – a king of rolled brick – filters the sunshine with its shapes producing shadows on the floor. These ones were eternally printed on the floor, with amused pink granilite circles.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022