Freshforte is a mixed use grocery store and restaurant / bar in Lekki. Jeanne Schultz was hired by Studio Elementals to design the facade; the design resulted in what appears like a veil draped over the assemblage of used shipping containers beyond it.

Studio Name: Jeanne Schultz Design Studio
Design Team: Jeanne Schultz, Stefanie Adisa
Year: 2020
Location: Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Consultants: Interior Design: S.EA Consulting; Construction: Adisa Design Studio
Photography Credits: RubysPolaroid

Freshforte Facade By Jeanne Schultz Design Studio - Sheet4

The facade is comprised of a series of deconstructed diamond shapes, broken down in scale to allow for the 3-dimensional woven wrapping effect it wields over the confinements of the building.

Freshforte Facade By Jeanne Schultz Design Studio - Sheet6

Apertures are made to allow for the shipping containers to penetrate the boundaries of the facade, and to allow for thresholds.

Freshforte Facade By Jeanne Schultz Design Studio - Sheet7

Particularly special breaks in pattern include the entrance to the store, where large panels are removed to allow for a direct encounter with the facade, and enjoy the spatial experience of an unordinary threshold.


Jeanne Schultz Design Studio is an award-winning international design atelier with offices in Barcelona, Spain, Austin, Texas, USA and Lagos, Nigeria. The firm’s worldly presence combined with a high level of design agency, hybridization of ideas and an eye for elevating the everyday result in an empathetic, dynamic design process with exquisite results.

The studio is very diverse, with architects from America, Kenya, Brazil and Catalonia. Collectively, the team speaks English, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili. JSDS is 100% woman-owned, with a young and dynamic team that cares deeply about ethical practices, gender, race, and ethnic equality for all. Highly collaborative and communicative, members of the tensile team work, travel and draw inspiration from all corners of the globe. The firm specifically cultivates clients from all cultures and backgrounds and is excited by the continental examples of people, personalities and desires for how to live. They aim to to uplift all people and communities through design.

The firm’s design approach is to utilize elements of the past in order to elevate the present and future. Socially, culturally, politically and fiscally the firm pushes projects from the beginning to be as sustainable as possible. At the same time, a playful injection of nostalgia, memories, dreams and futuristic ideas is allowed to permeate the initial design process. The firm’s guided intent has been to tackle all scopes of projects and scales of design—whether at the scale of the cup or vessel, the scale of fashion, or the scale of architecture—even the scale of a whole community.

At its core, JSDS revels in the academic, futuristic and infinite; design is a paradox so that we may see the world more clearly.


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