With a user-driven, iterative methodology, Form3 successfully leads projects from concept to production while navigating the difficulties of product development. They are firm believers in the fact that Great design is driven by proper research. Having undergone extreme locations and long hours of observing people’s behaviour, facilitating an understanding of the real-world context, and identifying the underlying risks, constraints, and challenges, designers at Form 3 examine all the aspects of a project brief to arrive at a holistic solution. Design options are explored with a thorough understanding of end users, manufacturing targets, and the market. The design process at Form3 is an intense one with various steps right from developing, refining, prototyping, validating, and finally designing to manufacturing it after 3-D visualization. A diverse group of thinkers at Form3, inspired by challenging projects that look to better people’s lives and communities, and lessen our impact on the planet, have produced the following products and more from conception to completion.

1. Home Energy Controller (HEC)

Form3, in collaboration with Neurio, a highly innovative and hardworking bunch of designers that develop smart products to manage energy more intelligently, developed a plug-and-play Home Energy Controller (HEC). Designed to be installed inside a home or an external NEMA box for instant plug-and-play connection to PV and storage system devices, The design incorporates a plastic outer shell around a cast heat spreader.

A cast heat spreader is encircled by a plastic outer shell in this design. The product aesthetic, product graphics, and the intricacy of the injection-moulded components, including the light guide and the heat spreader design, were all contributions from Form3.  Features:

– Integrated heat spreader
– Portrait, Landscape, and edge-oriented DIN mounting
– Elastomer pads for tabletop installation
– Integrated status LEDs
– Hard wired, WiFi and cellular wireless, communication

Form3 Design Inc.- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1

2. Kussmaul

Mission Critical Electronics, which oversees numerous brands in the speciality vehicle, marine, network, and industrial markets, has a division called Kussmaul. The project included designing a NextGen high-power triple battery bank charger with an integrated touch display, connectivity, and GUI redesign. With a Thin-wall stamped aluminium cover, equipped with Active cooling, Optional remote touch display, and Wire management. The triple battery bank charger is enabled with CAN Bus connectivity and rotating mounting feet for flexible installation.

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3. XR90 AirLink® Router

Customers of Sierra Wireless want trustworthy, high-performing devices that work well in challenging environments. Form3 collaborated with Sierra Wireless to develop the XR80 and XR90 product lines for fixed and mobile applications. XR80 offers Supercharged 5G performance and a portable and adaptable multi-network router. Customers can upgrade their XR90 to the highest-performance version by adding one or two expansion radio modules. The XR90 was designed with fleets in transport, rail, and first aid in mind. The cast enclosures have integrated heat sinks that allow for thermal management and are IP certified. 

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4. Introducing the “Epic Trail Smasher”

Form3 and Knolly started the transient project with a plan to envision the next several years of their alloy mountain bike frame construction. This was a great way to optimize an alloy tubeset in accordance with Knolly’s no-compromise engineering philosophy and demonstrate how to do so across several years of bike launches. It led to a lineup of bikes that are designed for great performance across a variety of upcoming models and frame sizes, successfully raising the bar for alloy mountain bike construction in terms of quality, features, and craftsmanship. Knolly is in a good position to continue to rule their field for some time.

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5. Ultra-fast, self-serve bag-drop improves check-in speeds

Form3 curated the self-serve, wheelchair-accessible baggage drop to facilitate ease of access irrespective of age and mobility. It is simple to load bags of any size or weight on the horizontal conveyor section because it is only 10 centimetres from the ground and is accessible from the side or the back of the conveyor mechanism. The experience of dropping off baggage is quick and enjoyable, thanks to the user-friendly interface, lighting effects, and assurance that the tags are appropriately displayed.

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6. Extreme durability in a compact camera

Form3 and Au-Zone Technologies collaborated to create a NextGen body-worn camera. Many people, including members of the military and the police, employ body-worn cameras in extremely stressful situations. Users desire a smaller, lighter, more dependable, and user-friendly device that they can wear for a full twelve hours. For quick coupling of various attachment options to the camera, such as an alligator clip and magnetic plates for thicker uniforms, a modular wearable accessory solution was created.

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7. Realtime Wearable Dust Monitor

DustCount 9000 is a very prevalent portable, direct-reading Optical Particle Counter. For effective and efficient dust monitoring, the 9000 combines the benefits of real-time dust monitoring with an integrated filter cassette for sample composition analysis and HSE 4.0 networking.

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8. Packaging AI technology for demanding field use

Form3 created enclosures for the sensing, machine vision, and processing operations, in addition to designing the mounting frame that secures the parts to a scissor lift cart. The Ecoation team, which develops technologies that merge and augment artificial intelligence, procured and assembled prototypes for all of the bespoke components.

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9. Celebrating the most advanced MEG system available

The physical form of world-class MEG technology from CTF was redesigned by Form3. The ideal MEG system would showcase unmatched technological performance while providing patients and professionals with a simple, hassle-free experience.

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10. Improving comfort through shock-absorbing technology

Airo Bike Seat shook hands with Form3 to refine the visual form and improve the comfort of the bicycle saddle to enhance its speed and be at par with the developing market segment. The saddle’s wing components are designed to move with the body as one pedal,  thanks to an innovative spring technology used in the development. Comfort is substantially improved without the need for extensive padding by reducing pressure on delicate tissues.



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Confident in expressions & creative in conception, Keya is an architecture student weaving ethereal stories in the existing social fabric through her words and illustrations. She ardently believes in the power of sustainable design to revolutionise the lives of people and influence it in the most intangible ways.