Have you ever wondered what the relationship between product design and product marketing is? These are two interrelated and complementary sectors which will determine, in the vast majority of cases, the success of a brand or company. Design and marketing: What are they, and what relationship do they have?

To understand the relationship between design and marketing, the first thing we must do is talk about the definition of both concepts. Graphic design is, as we already know, a form of design that consists of creating illustrations, images, colours, fonts, messages and logos, among many other elements.

On the other hand, marketing is a discipline or profession through which a brand or company designs a strategy to attract the attention of the public, as well as attract and retain customers. Marketing is currently an essential business tool in the vast majority of businesses..

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Marketing | Product marketing

So, what is the relationship between design and marketing? Marketing is a discipline that aims to analyze the market to know what products to sell to the public and, more importantly, how to sell and present them. To present a brand or product and attract the attention of the public, it would be necessary to have an attractive, effective and innovative design. Graphic design is, therefore, one of the main tools in the design of a marketing strategy.


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Marketing as a transversal discipline for any business or company is vital for the ideation and development of new products and services. This duality with a close relationship is mainly based on three fundamental aspects:

  1. Creativity
  2. Study of lifestyles and consumers
  3. Social marketing

The ability to identify the needs and desires of current consumers involves having adequate training as a business and marketing professional, acquiring the necessary knowledge in the identification, diagnosis and implementation of new products and services, the competitive base of any company or organization today.

Having a clear, accurate, and current vision of the design of products and services serves as a piece of fundamental equipment for successful decision-making and a forward-looking perspective within marketing departments.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design: Essential complement to marketing.

An attractive and unique design will help any company capture the attention of the public and retain customers. This is one of the reasons why the relationship between design and marketing is an aspect that all companies and brands should take into account. This is due to the fact that any marketing strategy will have design elements.

The design can be applied to a marketing strategy in many different ways, which we talk about below:

1.Eye-catching images: Any advertising or digital, or content marketing strategy must have striking and innovative images. These must also be of high quality and attract the attention of the public. Having the knowledge of graphic design and the right tools, therefore, can be very beneficial for a marketing strategy.

Eye-catching image_ ©Terbitbasuki
Eye-catching image_ ©Terbitbasuki

2. Appropriate text and fonts: Any marketing strategy must provide clear and accurate information; but, in addition, we must not forget the presentation of such information. The marketing will take care of the message, the graphic design, typography, readability and presentation of the text.

3. Colours: Colours are one of the most fundamental marketing elements and the most options offered. For this reason, having the right experience and knowledge in design will allow us to make the best possible use of the psychology behind colours in our marketing strategy.

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Colours_ ©monostudio

4. Websites: Content and digital marketing are, nowadays, some of the essential marketing modalities. The design can help us create a responsive website with easy navigation and clear and simple readability.

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The relationship between design and marketing is one of the reasons why design has gained so much importance over the last few years. All companies should have an effective marketing strategy, combined with a unique and innovative design.

Final thoughts | Product marketing

Aspects such as creativity are essential in the field, which provides the professional with an opening of the entrepreneurial mind in search of innovation that today is irreplaceable within the company. Along with it, the emotional and functional approach of everyday products and services is so important that it should serve to equip people in the near future. This favours the study and understanding of the current competitive environment and scenario to be able to anticipate these market desires and needs as market professionals.

Finally, the design of new products is not conceived today without the application of social tools and attributes, which are a fundamental piece in the creation of new proposals that are aware of new sustainable trends and social collaboration. This gives the marketing professional a broad approach to social respect, both at the business level and at the human and personal level.

We cannot conceive of product development without the techniques and instruments of marketing and without the art that design makes available to the company. One without the other will be able to live, but it is very difficult to succeed separately.

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