Located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA., US., this privately held insight-driven innovation lab believes in problem-solving and innovating new solutions to the problems of everyday life. Bresslergroup was founded in 1970. The firm is user-centred, and the team broadly focuses on making the product even better for ease. From designing and developing new consumer products to IoT and medical devices, the firm gives a perfect example of the marvellous applications of the product when different fields join hands. 

Here are 10 products by Bresslergroup:

Bresslergroup- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Central Garden product – Copyright©Bresslergroup

1. Aquabot 

The Aquabot is a robotic pool cleaner that was designed to be self-steered. The bot is capable of cleaning the entire pool without human interference and with the ability to not clean while crossing paths again. The self-steering mechanism helps the bot to clean every inch of the pool irrespective of its shape. The issue of cords getting tangled on the way is solved by the use of a jet power propulsion system. 

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Aquabot Designs – Copyright©Bresslergroup
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Aquabot – Copyright©Bresslergroup

2. Elite OS 

The design of disruptive E-Lock improved with the help of user research and learning about the failures and drawbacks of available door locks. The new design was supposed to be the eye-catcher décor material to leave an aesthetic impression on the minds of the users. As stated, a good design goes invisible, but a poorly designed product is highly noticeable. 

An elegant décor E-lock would be the best addition for architects and designers to choose for a hotel room to improve flexibility and comfort for users. 

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Elite OS – Copyright©Bresslergroup

3. Wondersphere 

Wondersphere is a closed air-tight chamber inhabiting plants and flora helpful for hospitals and immune-compromised children to touch, dig, water and plant without the risk of infection. It is a multisensory bedside field trip to nature. Nature therapy is a positive emotion booster and promotes healing. Wondersphere was given the winning title of 2016 Design for Social Impact

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Wondersphere – Copyright©Bresslergroup

4. Bruvelo 

Bruvelo is an app-connected coffee maker that makes a morning easier and custom flavoured for the user by providing the amazing benefits of parameter control such as ground and water ratio, brew temperature, and steep time. The complex design can only be simplified by the foundation of complex engineering

An embedded capacitive touchscreen helps the user to set the device manually as well, and the fact that it can’t be monitored with an app makes it even more demanding. 

Bresslergroup- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Bruvelo- Copyright©Bresslergroup

5. Trice Medical 

The consumer-product approach of Bresslergroup leads to the innovation of a needle you can see with. The needle is designed for the medical purpose of diagnosing joint injuries. This is the only device that includes a camera, light source, and needle. However, irrespective of the complexity of the design, the needle is easy to use and simple to feel. 

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Trice – Copyright©Bresslergroup

6. Trace 

It’s an action sports tracker with a micro-electronic mechanism and hardware that can withstand any physical conditions such as temperature. After its launch, NASA used it to test accelerometers from its rocket-released parachutes, clearly defining its strength and durability. It has a watertight sealing, and the design is simple and small, to not disturb the user’s activity. 

Bresslergroup- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Trace – Copyright©Bresslergroup

7. CloudTalk Nucleus 

It’s a stable, flexible, and HD intercom video system that works on the internet and any home’s wifi. The right hardware prototype can turn any simple technical product into great market demand. The system is designed keeping in mind the flexibility of the device to be used on the table or wall. The camera is on the top to avoid any restricted view, and the minimal frame helps the user to stay focused on the software.

Bresslergroup- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
CloudTalk – Copyright©Bresslergroup

8. Sonic Window 

Bresslergroup innovated a portable ultrasound device after extensive research of users’ frustrations for the previous products. The recognized leader of advanced imaging, BK Ultrasound, joined hands with Bresslergroup to develop the product into a usable and user-friendly device. 

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Sonic Window- Copyright©Bresslergroup

9. Amdro Powerflex System and Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer

The Bresslergroup designed the product as a whole and not into two divisions to make it easier for all of its end users. Amdro uses a tank for water and a battery sprayer for pesticides and the concentrate is mixed at the last minute of spraying. 

For the Pennington sprayer, the main focus was on easy loading and distribution for the Pennington system. However, both products were extremely successful as the first order for Amdro was 25 million units.

Bresslergroup- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet10
Amdro Powerflex System – Copyright©Bresslergroup
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Pennington sprayer – Copyright©Bresslergroup

10. Phlex 

Designed for swimmers, this device holds many features as it is user-friendly, easy to wear and deploy. The device uses machine learning technology that uses biometric and inertial sensors to track 30 swimming metrics. The device is mostly in use by the Olympians and world record holders. The design of the wearable is minimalist and elegant.

Phlex – Copyright©Bresslergroup


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